Lala Kent dishes on James Kennedy

Lala Kent Says James Kennedy Is “Unworthy” Of Her Friendship

At this point, Lala Kent has become the voice of reason on Vanderpump Rules. She always tells it like it is, which she has always done, but now she’s actually friends with everyone in the cast.

Well, she’s almost on good terms with everyone. Lala and her one-time-hookup-turned-best-friend James Kennedy are at odds after he made fun of her relationship with Randall Emmett. Watching the episode infuriated Lala even further and she insists that she is done with him.

Lala discussed her issues with James and all of the other Vanderpump Rules hot topics during her appearance on The Morning Breath. Before she addressed any questions about the show, she explained the wedding band on her finger. She admitted, “It’s so lame. We call it ‘the ring before the ring.’ I had this last year and no one ever said anything.” She added, “It’s a little commitment ring.”

When James took that pasta argument to a whole other level and told Lala she “has sex with a fat man who pays her rent,” Lala stormed out of the restaurant. She admitted, “That for me, watching it back, there’s no coming back for him.”

So are they friends nowadays? Lala insists, “we won’t ever be.” She even claimed, “He will never have the luxury of being in my presence again.” Still, she did her best to remain mature even though she has hard feelings. She said, “I will never come for that dude. I will never drag his name. He’s pretty much non-existent to me. I’m not going to not show up to birthday parties to avoid him, but I won’t voluntarily be around him and he won’t be inviting me.” Lala declared, “I feel like he’s a little unworthy of my friendship.” Ouch.

That has to be so awkward given his drunken annoyingness during the cast trip to Big Bear. He was all over Lala in front of his girlfriend Raquel Leviss and he even referred to Lala as “the one he loves” while hating on Lala and Randall’s relationship (again). Even though they were partying all day, Lala admits, “I think the way he was speaking to me was a little bit sobering. Is this kid for real? Does he know who he’s talking to?” Later in the episode, Lala said, “James is vapor in the air to me.”

Lala said, “He dismisses [Raquel]. I think Raquel is a really sweet girl, but I just don’t connect with people who don’t have a backbone and a strong voice. So for me it’s like enough with the tears, dude. Put him in check.” She continued, “They’re still together and I think they’ll be together for a long time because she doesn’t hold him accountable for anything.”

Then she complimented Raquel, but admitted it wasn’t actually a good thing. Lala said, “If you have a good heart, James Kennedy is going to walk all over you.”

Speaking of the Big Bear trip, Lala addressed Scheana Marie excessively bragging about Rob Valletta. Apparently it was worse than what we saw in the episode. Lala shared, “I think it was even more awkward because you guys only got to see an hour episode, whereas we film for four months street and we hang out when the cameras are off. So it was like OK I’m wondering because I know he’s not speaking about you the way you’re speaking about him. It’s that rule where you have to be with someone who loves you more than you love them- but I’m equal with my dude. We’re equal.”

Lala continued, “She was buying him all of these gifts. When they broke up and he said or she said it was due to the show, it was like, but yet you come to every red carpet event with her. So I see right through you.”Lala doesn’t play.

Even though Lala “sees right through” Rob, she still has love for Scheana. She shared, “I would love to see her take a step back focus on herself, what she wants, and what she deserves. No one has a perfect relationship. I’ve seen her cry about him a lot and I just want to see her happy.” She also said, “She deserves such a great dude.” Maybe next time around she will find a man who can hang a television in less than six minutes.

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