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Margaret Josephs Thinks Teresa Giudice Is Friends With Danielle Staub Out Of Guilt

A part of me feels bad about the demise of Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub’s friendship. But, a significantly larger part of me is just grateful for the entertainment. This season of Real Housewives of New Jersey has truly delivered. We have Margaret vs. Danielle to thank for a lot of the season’s best moments.

Danielle had several bridezilla freakouts because she wanted the most expensive gifts and all of the attention on her (at all times). She forced middle age women to wear “bride squad” bathing suits for a photo shoot. She flipped out when the ladies showed up with freshly washed hair before the wedding. Danielle was downright searching for storylines, I mean problems, this season. Now, their tension has turned into a full-on feud. Margaret even threw a glass of red wine at Danielle during last night’s episode.

Margaret joined Andy Cohen in the LA clubhouse for Watch What Happens Live last night. He played the clip of Danielle’s short-lived husband Marty Caffrey claiming that Margaret is jealous of Danielle. He even told Margaret’s husband Joe Benigno “There’s nobody that looks better than her.” Really? No one in the entire world?

Margaret told Andy, “Listen, that’s Danielle speaking through Marty. ‘Margaret is jealous of me’ and everything else. It’s absolutely ridiculous. She’s implants on a stick and she looks like a turtle out of her shell half the time.” I’m just waiting for someone to make a meme merging a turtle and popsicle stick with a photo of Danielle.

Margaret backtracked a little bit before shady Danielle. Yet again. She remarked, “On a good day, she looks fabulous, but she’s had a lot of stuff done. I would never be jealous of anybody.”

Andy asked a question with a very obvious answer: “So, why did you throw the red wine?” Did he not watch the clip? That’s pretty clear. Nevertheless, Margaret explained, “It goes below the belt. She talks about my children, about my family.  She needed to cool off. Seriously. I don’t even drink, so I had to grab Dolores [Catania]’s wine and just throw it right in her face. On her rented dress, you know?”

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Speaking of Dolores, Andy asked, “Do you think Frank [Catania] and Dolores are secretly banging?” Dolores spoke for all of the viewers when she answered, “I hope they’re secretly banging. They’re in the same house. There’s all this heat between them. I’m not sure, but I always ask them. I always try to get it out of the both of them, separately. I’m hoping they’re banging.”

Then, a caller asked, “On a scale of zero to ten, how surprised are you that Danielle’s marriage ended with Marty? What kind of guy do you think she should find?” Margaret responded, “On a scale of zero to ten, zero. I was that surprised.” NO ONE was surprised, especially after watching those episodes. Fighting on the wedding weekend is not a good sign.

Margaret answered the second part of the question, “I don’t think she should find any guy. I think she should be single for a long time. If she has to find somebody, he should be ninety with one foot on a banana peel.” So, Danielle is looking for a check? That makes sense since she hasn’t been a full-time cast member since Season 2.

A viewer asked Margaret to name a “foot in mouth” moment that she regrets. After some thought, Margaret said, “Maybe what I said to Jennifer [Aydin]. What I said about her husband having the girlfriend because she obviously got very upset about it. I apologized right away. Everything else I’m fine with.”

Another fan asked, “Why do you think Teresa [Giudice] is so persistent about being friends with Danielle? I think Danielle guilts her and makes her feel badly. You know ‘oh my life was so awful…’ She convinced Teresa to apologize. I think Teresa maybe has some guilty feelings. Or she has something over her that we don’t know.” My money is on the latter. How is Teresa such a blind member of #TeamDanielle? I just don’t get it. She just has to have something over her. Right?

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