Scheana Marie Shay

In the early days of Vanderpump Rules, we met Scheana Shay. Back then she was known as the “homewrecker” who had naughty times with Brandi Glanville’s then-husband. But that was about five faces ago. Scheana went from burgeoning pop princess, to wife, and then back to bunny boiling stalker single.

Viewers watched as her doomed marriage to Mike Shay fell apart amidst claims of substance abuse and living in Scheana’s shadow. During a tense conversation in the Season 5 reunion, Scheana obsessively checked her make-up while Shay was strung up for further public humiliation. It was relatively brutal to watch and many viewers didn’t blame Shay for living Valley of the Dolls retreating into his own world. Scheana had already moved on and we haven’t heard much from Shay since then. After such a nasty and public falling out, could these two former lovebirds ever find peace and closure after such a long term relationship?

After divorcing in 2017, Scheana re-entered the dating world with a bang. There wasn’t a lot of downtime, as she was already seeing new victim Rob Valletta before the ink was dry on the divorce papers. Shay was pretty much out of the public’s eye, which is probably exactly what he needed. In an interview with The Daily Dish podcast, Scheana talked about the “closure conversation” she finally had with her ex-husband.

“He [Shay] really wanted it to be private especially after him having been off the show for a while, he didn’t want to film that conversation. So I don’t know if you’ll hear me talk about it on any of the upcoming episodes. But we did; we sat down, I think it was early August, and had the most raw, real conversation since Season 5 reunion.”

Good thing you are already talking about it now, Scheana! So much for that whole privacy thing, am I right, Shay? Remember how awesome she was when she kept Shay’s personal struggles private?

Scheana went on to say that conversation lead to somewhat of a friendship. “We are [friends]; we don’t talk often but I talked to him the day before I left for Australia and he’s like, ‘Oh, I know you always wanted to go there, I’m so happy for you, have so much fun, let’s try and get lunch when you get back,’ so we haven’t actually seen each other again since that day but we constantly on a monthly basis try and make plans but then just with our schedules, it doesn’t work. So we’re in a good place where we’re friendly but not BFF,” she said.

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Well, that’s very adult of her, I think it’s nice when people can act like decent human beings after a breakup. In between compulsively taking photos of herself from the left side and desperately trying to fit in, Scheana found herself single again after the demise of her relationship with RobRobRob. We can only assume Rob entered the witness protection program after watching Season 6 of VPR.

Nowadays Scheana is sexually harassing involved in a friends-with-benefits thing with co-star, Adam Spott. Hopefully, Adam isn’t missing a hairbrush or any personal items that could be used in a ritual. Because we all know how, um… passionate Scheana can be about relationships. Ruuuuuuuuun Adam, ruuuuuuun!

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