Jack Stirrup - Below Deck Mediterranean

Joao Franco Loses His Patience On Below Deck Mediterranean Tonight!

The crew continues to be strained on tonight’s Below Deck Mediterranean and that means tempers are flaring as everyone juggles extra duties to make up their shortage of chef!

Luckily Anastasia Surmava, with the help of Travis Michalzik, is killing it in the kitchen! The guests are thrilled, and Captain Sandy Yawn is ready to relax. Now if only the pesky anchors and the deck crews controlling them would cooperate!

An exhausted Colin Macy-O’Toole forgets to babysit the anchor lift leading to a knotty mess that requires Joao Franco to step in and fix things once again. Otherwise, it’s no boat docking for the Sirocco! With Joao stretched to the limit it becomes more and more apparent that Jack Stirrup is slacking off and neglecting his duties – and Joao’s frustrations are a ticking time bomb!

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With everything else going on the crew even has to assist with teenaged pop star Ashley Brinton‘s music video shoot and plan a wrap party to celebrate. Meanwhile Hannah Ferrier starts to have flirtatious feelings towards Travis as she grows board being good at her job and acting professional.

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Finally having a successful charter gives Captain Sandy an unconventional idea for how to fix the problem of hiring a chef mid-season … unfortunately, her plan isn’t met with support by Hannah and Joao, who are tired of taking on additional tasks. Feeling stressed when faced with a season of chaos, Joao unloads on Jack after he takes one of his jokes too far, then Jezabob comes for Anastasia during the crew night out.

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