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NeNe Leakes Says Cynthia Bailey Is “Really Desperate” & “Weak”; Thinks Cynthia Is Trying To Save Her Role On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

I think it is safe to assume that the bad blood between Real Housewives of Atlanta friends co-stars NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey is rolling into Season 12. NeNe just confirmed that she signed her contract for the upcoming season, amid rumors that none of the other Atlanta ladies wanted to film with her.

I wonder why everyone is angry with NeNe? Is it because she threw Kandi Burruss and a pregnant Porsha Williams out of her closet? Or because she ripped a cameraman’s shirt who was trying to enter the same closet? There were rumors that NeNe tore off Porsha’s belt, too. NeNe also fat-shamed her supposed little sister just days after Porsha gave birth to her daughter.

Even Gregg Leakes, who is battling cancer, didn’t escape NeNe’s wrath. She mused about whether her husband was diagnosed with cancer as karma for cheating on her. Yup. She went there.

NeNe supposedly received a hefty pay increase to $2.85 million to be nasty and disrespectful to her co-stars for another season. Will all that cash turn NeNe’s frown upside down? It’s doubtful. Even being a “rich bitch” doesn’t seem to make NeNe happy.

But the craziest part of last season was how NeNe destroyed her long-time friendship with Cynthia. NeNe and Gregg went to Cynthia’s wine cooler launch party to support her. Everything took a bad turn when Kenya Moore appeared at the party. NeNe called her a “monster” under her breath. She better buckle up, because Kenya is twirling back to RHOA this season.

NeNe was furious that Cynthia didn’t ask permission report to NeNe that her arch-rival, Kenya, was invited. Cynthia defended herself by saying that she didn’t know that Kandi was bringing Kenya to the party. On the RHOA finale, Cynthia is seen whispering something in her boyfriend, Mike Hill’s, ear. The caption said, “I’m supposed to act like I didn’t know Kenya was coming.” That looks super shady.

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Later, viewers heard a phone conversation between Cynthia and Kandi. And it was shocking. At the beginning of the call, Kandi is heard saying, “I’m mic’d. I’m mic’d. I’m mic’d.” Cynthia states, “I just want to make sure we [was] on the same page setting up how Kenya got there.” How super sketchy of you, Cynthia! Cynthia insisted that those incriminating instances were all due to editing. Oh, yes—the tried and true excuse used by Housewives to explain bad behavior.

Atlanta Black Star reported that NeNe dished on where she stands with Cynthia during a recent interview with 93.9 the Morning Hustle. Both NeNe and Cynthia were scheduled to ride on Bravo’s Pride Parade float on June 30. NeNe isn’t planning to make amends with her former bestie. “I do not plan to talk to her. I feel sorry for her.”

NeNe continued, “I can say hello, I can stand beside her, I just ain’t got no convo,” NeNe explained. She also felt that Cynthia was a “real friend” and their relationship wasn’t just for the cameras.

NeNe believes that Cynthia fell “victim to doing whatever she need to do to be on the show.” But NeNe states that she is “not that girl.” She also dished that Cynthia has “done a lot that people don’t even know about.” NeNe added, “If we down, we down! Now the producers ain’t gone be able to tell me nothing. … They would never be able to come to me and say, ‘you need to turn on Cynthia’ because I’ll be like you know that ain’t gone never happen.”

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NeNe also claims that Cynthia is easily manipulated, at least as far as RHOA is concerned. “They can tell her that though because she’s weaker. She’s definitely weak. … She looks really desperate,” NeNe stated. “She’s doing whatever she needs to do to try and stay on the show. … It’s really sad.”

For her part, Cynthia posted a cryptic comment to Instagram. It read, “don’t throw (bricks) throw (love).”

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Cynthia seems to be accepting of her broken friendship with NeNe. Page Six shared an excerpt from Cynthia’s interview on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show, and it sounds like Cynthia will not be offering another friendship contract to NeNe. “I deserve better. At this point, this is not a healthy thing for me. This is not a healthy person for me to be around,” Cynthia said. “This is not good for my spirit.”  Viewers will have to wait and see how NeNe and Cynthia’s relationship evolves (or doesn’t) over the course of the season.


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