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Joe Giudice Granted 3 Day Extension In Deportation Appeal

Joe Giudice has been winning tiny victories here and there regarding his deportation appeal, but the battle is far from over. In 2014, Teresa Giudice’s husband was sentenced to 41 months in the pokey for federal fraud. Even people who do not watch reality television knew Tre was sentenced to 15 months in “camp” after pleading guilty to charges. Teresa served her time and went right back to filming. Now she is enjoying her new pool, an ALLEGED new man, and more screen time than ever on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

The same cannot be said for Juicy Joe. In the past, Joe has said going to jail would be like a vacation. For all intents and purposes, if you find yourself married to Teresa – the pokey might actually be a respite. It could be safe to say Joe no longer feels that way. Since being released in March of this year, Joe was immediately detained in ICE custody. While Teresa travels and tries out new boyfriends hairstyles, the four daughters she shares with Joe miss their dad terribly. The children have been very vocal about wanting their father to avoid deportation, both Miliania and Gia Giudice have made public pleas in an effort to keep Joe in the United States. Recently, another request from Joe’s attorneys has been granted. Once again, his desire to remain in the US hangs in the balance.

What a mess. It is difficult to sympathize with people who played such stupid roles in a crime, but compassion should be held for the children involved. Matters are not helped by Teresa seemingly having zero remorse about her participation in the events, and ultimately blaming anyone but herself for the entire ordeal. After learning the finer points of yoga and prison eyebrows, Teresa has continued with her life like JAIL never happened. Joe completed his prison sentence, but because he is not a legal US citizen, he is now facing deportation back to Italy.

Joe is battling the move with every resource possible. Problem is, even if he wins he might lose a wife. According to, Joe’s attorneys requested three extra days to file an opening brief in federal court. Previously due June 12, an extension was granted to Thursday, July 18.

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If someone without legal residential status commits a crime in the United States, the government can deport that person. This has severely compromised Joe’s ability to stay in New Jersey. Court records show Joe’s team recently brought lawyer Michael Critchley on board to assist in his legal battle. “The attorneys filed a petition in federal court after the immigration court ruled that he must go and that’s where the case is now, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia.”

In May, a federal court granted Joe permission to remain in the US while he appeals his deportation order. A motion for 27 former immigration judges to argue on Joe’s behalf has also been allowed. He remains in the custody of ICE in Pennsylvania at Clinton Hill Correctional. Teresa and the kids have visited Joe as recently as May for his birthday.

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Due to the strict limitations, the family mainly communicates by telephone. I can’t imagine it would be much fun to sit there and watch Teresa texting her not boyfriend, while the girls only want their dad to come home. Teresa keeps herself busy filming Season 10 of RHONJ. She gets to share in her daughter’s senior prom and the lives of her children. She continues to fight with the likes of Melissa Gorga or Danielle Staub for a storyline. Joe continues to fight just to stay near his kids.


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