Erika Jayne’s Husband, Tom Girardi Continues Legal Battle Over Assets

We are certainly enjoying an interesting season thus far on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  #Puppygate has dominated the show’s theme, to the dismay of Lisa Vanderpump. While the cast of divas were placing the blame directly on Lisa, were they indirectly avoiding other subjects? There has been a bounty of activity on the legal side for many of the wives. Kyle Richards‘ husband, Mauricio Umansky, is denying being guilty of fraud. $32 million worth of fraud. Dorit and PK Kemsley have recently been given a life line faced their financial woes in court. And resident puss patter, Erika Jayne’s, grandfather husband Tom Girardi is under fire for not paying back a loan.

Funny how we haven’t heard about these issues on the show. Some of these ladies could teach a master class in deflection. Erika has spoken out on Tom’s legal issues.  She stated she has no concern. This is coming from a woman who wears a c-word necklace, mind you. Tom, on the other hand, is a high-class attorney. Tom is at work every day and not rolling around on the floor with Mikey. In other words, Tom has a rep to protect.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Tom doesn’t want his good name to be tarnished. He states the lawsuit “is not driven by the desire to enforce the terms of the agreement but to exact retribution and to defame the reputation of Thomas V. Girardi.” Because, you know, Erika is the epitome of class and sophistication. Ahem.

Tom is being sued by Law Finance Group for failure to pay a $15 million loan. In documents recently filed, Tom accuses the lender of placing a lien against their home. This is despite it being a breach of their deal. The attorney says his law firm has been around for over 40 years and is currently handling some of the most significant cases in the state. Tom states the firm is not going anywhere. The same cannot be said for Erika’s glam squad…

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The lender claimed Tom breached a repayment plan they agreed to in August 2018. The deal was for him to make monthly payments. This was along with a $1 million payment by the end of October and $5 million by January 1. The suit claims Big Granddaddy originally agreed to use the Pasadena home he lives in with his wife as collateral in case he defaulted. OOPS!

Tom shared, “The truth of the matter is this. I have not taken one penny from the law firm in the past three years. I have devoted everything to assist in the cases that we have here. Further, the money that was borrowed, we agreed to repay in approximately two weeks before the lawsuit. It is slanderous that the money was for my ‘lifestyle’ … every penny went for costs in cases that the firm is handling.”

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Per an article from The Recorder, Tom was in court, as the defendant, in the case over the #ALLEGED unpaid loan. Tom was set to argue why Law Finance Group LLC should not be able to go after a list of his personal assets. A judge both sides to mediate outside of court for another two weeks before issuing a ruling.

“It’s not a complicated case,” he told the lawyers at the hearing. “You all have to come up with a plan,” the judge advised. Yeah, like pay back your loans on time.

Law Finance Group filed a writ of attachment to secure some of Erika and Tom’s assets. This includes Girardi Keese offices and the firm’s bank account. In an April 17 court filing responding to the writ, Tom called the asset move a “charade.”

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Tom also wrote, “Law Finance insisted that any and all disputes or issues concerning the loan go to mandatory arbitration.”

He added, “Despite this agreement, the law firm filed a baseless case against the law firm and me personally full well knowing they had adequate protection in the form of my personal assets.”

In a reply, Law Finance Group said Tom does not have the money to pay back the $15 mil. The firm claimed he is “actively soliciting more than $30 million in additional loans.”

They say Tom has also “embarked on an abusive campaign of threats and intimidation, for no other reason than the filing of this lawsuit.” This includes threatening to file a defamation suit against Law Finance Group. Apparently, Tom is “funneling millions of dollars” to someone else, whose name is redacted, “through loans to her company.”

Recently, Tom won a slight victory in the case, as the judge moved the battle to arbitration, outside of public view. SCANDALOUS! JUICY! I could use a lot more of this and a lot less of #puppygate on RHOBH. Clearly, this is the work of LVP and her darksided mind-powers!

Don’t take away Tom’s house with the sketchy chapel, Lisa! I’m kidding. Unlike Lisa’s appearance on the remainder of this season, Tom’s court case is still ongoing.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]