Hey, you know what reality television fame can get you? Well, a $2 million house. Reality TV probably helps when you want to produce your own book. You can also score loads of luxuries not previously enjoyed. Ariana Madix could probably confirm all of these things, but the Vanderpump Rules star also got something else. Ariana suffers from insecurities, as we all do. But seeing your face exposed on TV every week might ramp up one’s desire to fix certain things. Several of the Pump Rules crew have dipped their toes into the plastic surgery pond. Lala Kent and Scheana Marie are no strangers to the Botox needle. Stassi Schroeder has had two surgery procedures and enjoys a dip in the Botox vial as well.

But Ariana has been very vocal about her personal issues. After an incredibly toxic boyfriend, Ariana was left having doubts about her body. Even though she has moved on to a secure relationship with Tom Sandoval, the damage was apparently done. While it seems Ariana has been on a path of healing her soul, it doesn’t stop the desire to continue making changes. One of her more dramatic modifications was something many people would find utterly traumatic. No, not a face lift, she chopped off most of her hair. Now Ariana has made yet another change, and her doctor is giving details about the procedure.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, that’s a big fat no if you are on television. Being under constant scrutiny is a drag, and keyboard warriors are always waiting in the wings to tell celebrities how ugly/overweight/skinny they are. Self-criticism is a whole different wheelhouse and Ariana has wanted to change her jawline, or lack thereof, for quite some time. According to Bravo’s The Lookbook, Ariana admitted her makeup artist draws one on her face for glam time. But Ariana isn’t alone. Newlywed Brittany Cartwright took to non-surgical injections to help around her chin area as well.

Ariana’s experience was a tad more involved, but as her surgeon tells us, people have more options than going under the knife. Dr. Gregory Mueller transformed her neck and jawline using a new technique called Ellevate™ in just an hour. Dr. Mueller created Ellevate to help patients slow down the aging process without downtime. Cue Scheana sprinting to his office.

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The doctor explained it’s “the perfect way to restore a youthful appearance and shape” or “to improve a less-desired, genetically inherited neck.” I love this idea, but if they don’t sell it at Walgreen’s, I’m out. Dr. Mueller gave some specifics about the process. “The procedure is comfortable, with minimal pain and discomfort. Typically patients recover within three to six days post-procedure, and can resume a normal work schedule within that timeframe as well.” Uh-huh, survey says, they send you home with expensive ibuprofen.

The results from Ellevate last approximately 5 years. Which is good because if you want it, prepare to spend upwards of $8,000 to $13,000. On the bright side, the results are immediate. You can see photos of Ariana’s before and after here. Color me completely blind, but I don’t see that dramatic of a difference. If I were to spend $13 grand on my face, I better come out looking at least 12 years younger and get carded for liquor at the ABC store…

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Ellevate also incorporates liposuction and support through an invisible structure to contour the neck/jawline. Dr. Mueller confirmed it is “much less invasive than a neck lift, and does not require external sutures or cutting of the skin.” Well thank goodness for that, I mean aren’t we all scouring the internet for a good neck lift bargain in our early 30’s?

At the end of the day, it’s important to feel good about yourself. If we are unable to appreciate what we’re born with, buy a new part or change it completely! What matters is sparing yourself from needless evaluations on how to be more physically attractive. Hopefully Ariana can enjoy her new jawline and be secure in the notion that while she’s very pretty, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]