Tamra Judge Says The Chrisleys Are Innocent Of Tax Evasion Charges

Many reality stars naturally continue their friendships with castmates off camera. Like the sycophantic relationship between the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. Or former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel helping frenemy Luann de Lesseps find her way to rehab #2.

On occasion, however, more confounding alliances pop up in the reality world.  Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge, who has always been known to speak her mind, recently defended two reality stars most of us probably never imagined she had a connection to.

RHOC star Tamra gave an update on the shocking tax evasion indictment involving her friends Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie Chrisley. Tamra told Entertainment Tonight, “I love Todd and Julie, and my heart is absolutely broken for them. They’re going to get through this. They’re leaning on the Lord, big time. I know the backstory, so you know, they’re innocent in all this.”

I am not sure how Tamra is so certain of the Chrisleys’ innocence–unless she is their secret tax accountant. Regardless, I am extremely curious as to how Tamra came to be friends with the couple. They are on different networks, live on different coasts and are, well, very different kinds of people. I mean, can you imagine Julie offering up sex acts to Todd in front of party guests, ala Tamra?

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Vociferously defending the couple, Tamra declared, “The truth always comes out. You know, they’re going through a court case, so…it’s tough. I mean, there’s not too much I can say, but… They’re hanging in there. It’s been definitely hard.”

It is clear that Tamra must really like Todd and Julie–or she treats non-Housewife friends better than Housewife friends. Normally, Tamra would be stirring up a negative storm about someone else’s misfortunes. Or storing the information to use against them in the future.

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Tamra also shared with Entertainment Tonight that “Todd has asked her to pray for him” and that she “absolutely has been.” She explained, “I can tell he’s having a hard time. But, on the flip side, he knows that he didn’t do anything wrong. So, he knows the truth will come out.”

Of course, the truth usually does come out. In the meantime, you have to wonder, do Todd and Julie really want Tamra talking about their legal troubles in the media?

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Tamra herself is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with Jim Bellino over comments she made on a podcast. Is she the person the couple wants speaking for them? Who would want Tamra as a publicist, even for free?

Additionally, Tamra does not have the most stellar of reputations. She is infamous for such antics as encouraging Gretchen Rossi to get “naked wasted,” labeling Alexis Bellino as Jesus Jugs and throwing wine in Jeana Keough’s face. More recently, Tamra has been accused of spreading ugly rumors about co-star Kelly Dodd’s sex life. It is not like Tamra would make a good character witness!

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I am sure that Todd and Julie are grateful for all the support they can get in what has to be a difficult time. I guess it goes to prove, even Tamra can muster up a little empathy when the occasion calls for it.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]