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Scheana Marie Done With Adam Spott After He Vacationed With Other Woman; Lala Kent Says Scheana Was His “Sugar Mama”

Even though Scheana Marie never officially “dated” Adam Spott, she did beg him to tell her he loved her during the last Vanderpump Rules finale. Then she got drunk and cried with Brittany Cartwright’s Mamaw.

She claimed that they were just “best friends” many times over. She also said that he was the first guy she didn’t have to fake orgasms with. Sorry, Mike Shay and Rob Valletta. Now, she’s so done with Adam. Not that they ever officially dated.

Scheana found out that Adam went on a romantic vacation with another woman and they posted photos together. Now she’s leaving him on “read” when he messages her (probably because she’s hooking up with someone else). She discussed her fall out with Adam during a conversation with Lala Kent for her Scheananigans podcast.

Scheana told Lala, “I’m done with him.” She recalled, “I went back to him so many times, but I never canceled him. I never said anything negative about him on my podcast.” Until now that is.

Scheana admitted, “I just was still like ‘No. We’re gonna figure it out. We’re gonna figure it out.’ Then, this last time, he was just disrespectful to me to go on a romantic vacation with this girl who he’s lied to me about for months.” It looks like he wanted to have his cake and eat it too. Plus he craved that shine from being on Vanderpump Rules, of course.

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One of Scheana’s friends told her that Adam had a girlfriend when she was on her way home from Jax Taylor and Brittany’s Kentucky wedding. Spoiler alert: Adam was not her wedding date.

For a while, Scheana thought the woman was just Adam’s friend. She actually used to date one of his friends previously, so Scheana didn’t question the photos. Scheana said, “Think back to when I was with Rob and things Adam and I would post that could look coupley, but I was in a relationship. It wasn’t like that. We were just friends.” Oh, Scheana.

After looking at all the photos, Scheana thought to herself, “How the fuck can you afford a romantic vacation in Tulum?” That’s when Lala said, “Because he was saving all that money because you were his sugar mama. He’s got those savings.”

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We were all thinking it, Lala. Plus, Scheana probably gets a lot of free trips in exchange for Instagram posts. There’s no chance that Adam can work out those same deals.

Scheana also said that she and Adam got together just a few days before his rendezvous in Mexico. She claimed, “We didn’t have sex, but we crossed a line that we shouldn’t have, but we did.” Seeing those photos right after that really had to sting.

When Scheana confronted Adam he said, “Don’t even try to give me shit. If I tried to keep track of all the guys you dated…”

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Scheana countered that it was different because “Yes, I have been seeing people over the last six months, but I haven’t posted anything because I respect you. Clearly, you don’t feel the same about me.”

Adam tried to reason with Scheana, but when his words didn’t work he took his shirt off, hoping to hypnotize her with his “perfect” abs (those are Scheana’s words, not mine). And this was in public at a bar. How awkward. He also asked her if she was recording that conversation. I wish she was.

Lala said it best when she remarked, “Adam, no one cares about you on Vanderpump Rules. You’re only relevant through Scheana. Sorry.”

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Lala asked, “Was that the nail in the coffin?” Scheana responded, “100%.” Lala reminded Scheana, “He doesn’t care about you.”

So, does this mean that she is really done? Only time will tell.

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