Scheana Marie Exposes Cyber Bully Who Told Her To Commit Suicide

We all know Scheana Marie. Whether you like her or not, her storyline kicked off the phenomena known as Vanderpump Rules. Back then all she wanted was a pop singing career and friendship with the “in” crowd. We have watched Scheana go from blushing bride to worldly divorcee. She has not been shy about her voracious appetite for the opposite sex, nor does she apologize for her escapades while single. Along the way, she still tried to fit in.

Scheana has been known to stir the Pump Rules pot, but isn’t particularly harmful. I mean, when compared to pit vipers like Katie Maloney or Kristen Doute, her actions are relatively benign. Over the years, viewers develop strong feelings and fans of popular programs become, very dedicated. Being anonymous behind a keyboard often causes people to lose their minds manners. Commenters can be blatantly rude or resort to online bullying. Recently Scheana encountered a cyber bully, and she let her followers know, she’s not here for that crap.

The advent of social media has been an outlet for, well, most everyone. It allows broad communication over a spectrum of devices. It has also given the entertainment industry a boost. Celebrities rely on Instagram or Facebook to share photos, advertise a product, or keep in touch with followers. Obviously, this has also provided a forum for haters to use their voices, and it’s rarely civil.

According to The Blast, Scheana recently received a message from a hater that went way too

far. And then she exposed that fool. Scheana shared the juvenile message which said, “You have got to be the most annoying and unworthy Vanderpump Rules cast member.” That is truly debatable.

The message also included, “You should stick to being a mistress and f-ing married men.” The person who clearly needs a hobby also told Scheana, “You will never get married and have kids.”

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Also included in the litany of bashing was, “Just overdose and do everyone a favor.” This comment, being both inappropriate and hateful, really set Scheana off. Suicide is not a joke on any platform.

The comment warrior also decided to make fun of Scheana’s name, “Next time tell your parents to pick a real name for their children. Every time I say it I laugh. What a joke.” I think the joke is on the commenter because Scheana took a screenshot of that shit and posted it.

The formerly anonymous commenter got the recognition he or she wanted, for sure. Scheana stated, “Receiving a message like this, you don’t know what that can do to someone,” she says before posting the message AND bully’s IG handle. Oddly, the IG name has now been changed. But, but I thought you WANTED for Scheana to notice you…

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In a video clip Scheana originally shared on her Instagram Story, she said that she has developed a very thick skin over the years, but not everyone can tolerate messages of this nature. She also advised her fans that suicide is “never the answer” and to seek help if having suicidal thoughts. Scheana received numerous comments of support after the incident, and thanked her fans in a separate video clip. Hopefully, the person that sent Scheana the volatile message has learned a lesson. Be careful what you say online, you never know who is about to make you answer for it.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]