Former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Eileen Davidson Swears By $2500 Face Mask; Says It’s Her “New Best Friend”

This is another venture into the world of frivolous high-end measures to thwart the horrific process of aging! Guess what, only one thing stops the aging process and it’s called dropping dead, but that doesn’t prevent the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from sharing their tips. Getting older isn’t cheap, you guys. Especially in the world of entertainment. I mean, it takes about 40 grand a month for Erika Jayne to even exist. But Erika is special, I mean she communicates through costume and everything. Ask her husband Tom Girardi how that’s working outLisa Rinna has also shared beauty tips. Viewers had the opportunity to witness Lisa’s lady waxing routine, which traumatized us all. Rinna has also confessed to a costly beauty regimen, though it is significantly less than Erika’s at only $2000 per month.

Now we have former RHOBH star Eileen Davidson providing some insight on looking young. Eileen looks wonderful, not too pulled or too assaulted by Botox. She obviously enjoys an athletic lifestyle while maintaining an extremely busy work schedule. Recently Eileen made a discovery on the path to eternal youth. Thanks to paid advertisements a high-tech new mask, Eileen has a new favorite thing! Let’s hear all about how science is helping Eileen combat those pesky wrinkles! Hope you have some cash handy.

Some people will try just about anything to look younger. Many Housewives have changed their faces entirely. Vicki Gunvalson and NeNe Leakes can tell you a thing or two about visiting a plastic surgeon to erase the evidence of time. Not that anything is wrong with that! I fully support those who set about fixing things they don’t like. Even if it means being on your 19th face or nose.

Now we have Eileen wading into the land of beauty treatments reserved for people with money to burn seeking a way to defeat the unholy act of aging. According to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Eileen unleashed her new paycheck discovery on Instagram. It’s called the Kahuna LED Skincare Solution Mask, and it’s going to make you so pretty! As long as you have $2500 to drop and wishful thinking.

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Eileen captioned a photo of her life-changing LED mask and wrote, “Just hanging out with my new best friend #kahunamask ! I’ve used it twice and can already see that lines and wrinkles are softening! Super excited to see what happens in the next week!” Uh-huh, listen Eileen, I have a feeling the only thing that mask does is make you look like a failed Avenger. Stan Lee called from the grave and said, “nope!” But more power to ya, girl.

I hope that mask isn’t too potent, or Eileen’s face could completely disappear. Yes, it might seem a tad far-fetched that a robot face with disco lighting could be a beauty aid, but LED light therapy has been a go-to resource for years.

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So if you find yourself purchasing this device and using it, by all means, let us know if it eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. Until then, maybe Eileen has a mask that will go pick up the eyeballs that have rolled out of my head at the thought of paying $2500 to look like an antique Iron Man. Beauty is pain and money, y’all!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]