NeNe Leakes & Cynthia Bailey Spotted At Tense Sit-Down

Last season on Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes managed to alienate all her co-stars. She chased Kandi Burruss and a pregnant Porsha Williams (and a cameraman) out of her closet. She may have ripped off Porsha’s belt.

NeNe fell out with long-time bestie Cynthia Bailey because Cynthia had the audacity to invite RHOA alum Kenya Moore to Cynthia’s bellini launch party. How dare Cynthia not run her guest list by NeNe! NeNe referred to pregnant Kenya as a “monster” when Kandi arrived with Kenya. Cynthia told NeNe that she didn’t know that Kenya was coming to the party.

Of course, viewers heard a phone conversation between Kandi and Cynthia when Kandi told Cynthia that she was wearing a mic. Cynthia said, “I just want to make sure we [was] on the same page setting up how Kenya got there.” Oops! Still, Cynthia blamed it all on the editing. Editing is the favorite Housewife excuse when something unflattering is shown on the show.

Kenya is twirling back to RHOA and claiming a peach once again. I am sure that NeNe is plotting against thrilled to welcome Kenya back. Can you already feel the shade?

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On July 26, Cynthia’s sportscaster boyfriend, Mike Hill, popped the question at the opening of the Bailey Wine Cellar. The proposal involved both Cynthia’s daughter, Noelle Robinson, and Mike’s daughter, Kayla. That was sweet to include their daughters. Conveniently enough, RHOA is filming Season 12 right now, so you know that this moment was filmed. In March, Cynthia predicted that Mike would put a ring on her finger  next year. So Mike’s proposal came sooner than expected.

NeNe predicted that Cynthia would get engaged to save her full-time position as an Atlanta Housewife. Will these two ladies ever be able to repair their friendship?

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A video clip of Cynthia and NeNe meeting was posted on @housewivesofatl’s Instagram. There is no audio, but the video shows a very tense sit-down. The former friends are seated across a table from each other. At one point, NeNe leaned forward at the table and pointed her finger at Cynthia. It wasn’t a full-on NeNe melt-down, but NeNe looked annoyed.

Cynthia coolly sipped her drink, and later clasped and unclasped her hands during the discussion. No glassware or plates were flying, so maybe that is a good sign?

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NeNe recently told HollywoodLife that she tries to be the peacemaker in Season 12. “Look, I’ve been on this show a really long time and I’ve seen a lot of different things happen before the camera, behind the scenes –anything and everything, and I love the show and I want to see the show be successful and I want to see it go on for years and years and years. So– if I can help these girls work out an issue, I will,” NeNe explained. “What it looks like on the show and what’s been is two different things. Me personally, I don’t want conflict. But, when conflict comes my way, I will face it straight on,” NeNe added.

NeNe also received a hefty raise to return to the franchise. She is now reportedly banking $2.85 million for Season 12. Not bad for treating your co-stars, and former friends, like dirt.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]