Cynthia Bailey Admits Feeling “Uncomfortable” Filming Real Housewives Of Atlanta With NeNe Leakes

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey’s life is going great right now. Her man, sportscaster Mike Hill, put a ring on it on July 26. Of course, Bravo cameras were there to capture every moment. Cynthia even credits her youthful glow to lots of sex with her fiancé. You go, Cynthia!

Cynthia’s former best friend NeNe Leakes predicted that this engagement would happen, but only because Cynthia needs a RHOA storyline. How shady! NeNe torched the duo’s friendship when Cynthia invited Kenya Moore, their former co-star, to Cynthia’s product launch. Cynthia failed to obtain NeNe’s approval of the guest list and told NeNe that she didn’t know that Kenya was coming.

There was a suspicious phone conversation between Kandi Burruss and Cynthia that aired during the RHOA finale that shed some doubt on that claim. Even though Kandi repeatedly told Cynthia that she was on a live mic, Cynthia said, “I just want to make sure we was on the same page setting up how Kenya got there.” Cynthia was even shown whispering in Mike’s ear that she knew that Kenya was coming. Cynthia blamed editing (shocker!) for those sketchy incidents.

After the explosive Season 11 fight between the two Atlanta Housewives, it appeared that filming was tense. Let me put it this way–Cynthia posted her “save the date” on Instagram, but I don’t think that NeNe should be circling Oct. 10, 2020 on her calendar. The two were even spotted at a tense sit-down meeting.

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In an interview with HollywoodLife, Cynthia discussed what was it like to film with NeNe. “I was just a little uncomfortable because I know the space that we were in. That’s not a good space to be in especially when you know that you’re going to see someone,” Cynthia explained. “It’s not like I wasn’t going to see her, you know what I mean?”

Cynthia continued, “With that said, it was a little uncomfortable, but I am in a good place. I own accountability for anything that I may have done to hurt her, upset her or whatever she said. I own that, and once I own that and accept accountability, and attempt to find some resolution in that situation, then that’s all I really can do,” Cynthia stated. “I feel like I couldn’t have done anything else other than what I did this season: try to build a respectful place with her. Not necessarily back to where we were, but at least to get to a respectful place.”

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In a startling development, Cynthia also shared that she wasn’t the only one trying to repair the duo’s friendship. “I think she made an effort. I think she made an effort. I definitely saw her redeem for sure. We’re different people. We do it differently,” Cynthia remarked. “She definitely, I saw her…I felt like she definitely made an effort to do the best that she can do the way that NeNe would do it.”

Cynthia may want to hold that thought. NeNe recently spoke to US Weekly about her friendship with Cynthia, and it doesn’t sound like she is drafting a new friendship contract. “I think you really need to tune in to see what happens. I think, and I will put that in capital letters, THINK. OK? That they may, they might for once try to show Cynthia the way she truly is on camera,” NeNe said. “They may decide to show that maybe once, honey. … Maybe once they’ll decide to show who she really is on camera. Because who you guys have known her to be over the years is not who she is.”

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Viewers better buckle up for the drama-filled return of RHOA. With Kenya returning to the mix, Season 12 sounds like it will be epic.


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