The Real Housewives Of Dallas Arrive In Thailand On Tonight’s Episode!

After eons of travel the Real Housewives Of Dallas arrive in Thailand to help Travis Hollman rescue his father. It’s like Indian Jones. Orrrrrr not!

With Kameron Westcott and Stephanie Hollman scarcely speaking you’d think they’d be barely able to survive the trip without some major issues, but after Kameron reads up on the ground rules for proper decorum in Thailand they decide to just get along to go along. Which is a good thing because D’Andra Simmons has no such plans! 

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The ladies first day is jam-packed with Thai tourist destinations that causes friction between LeeAnne Locken and Kary Brittingham when LeeAnne feels Kary is not respecting Thai culture. The irony of that knowing what’s to come…

D’Andra has a surprise in store for LeeAnne when she shows up to their first dinner wearing one of LeeAnne’s L’Infinity dresses as a joke. A joke which LeeAnne does NOT take well. As LeeAnne freaks out and finds an unlikely defender in Brandi Redmond, Kary and D’Andra are put on the defense! Kary refuses to be contrite, however, mentioning all the negativity and rudeness LeeAnne has directed at her since Day 1 (true).

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Meanwhile, Stephanie tries to calm down LeeAnne and is shocked when LeeAnne makes racially charged comments mocking Kary’s ethnicity. All in all, not a good look for LeeAnne’s so-called philanthropy career, or Americans in Thailand!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]