Lisa Vanderpump Hopes Vanderpump Dogs Foundation Will Be Her Legacy

It is difficult to believe that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is filming season 10 without Lisa Vanderpump. Her decision to leave the show shocked fans–and probably her co-stars as well. Even though Lisa didn’t interact much with the other ladies for most of season 9, she was still the main storyline. Whether she liked it or not. The Puppy Gate scandal courtesy of Dorit Kemsley’s inability to follow the simple rules of her dog adoption contract was a drama that was unseemly on many levels and changed the dynamics of the show forever.

Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Dorit all probably underestimated Lisa’s potential reactions to assaults on her character. Especially in matters related to her honesty and her love of dogs. Vanderpump Rules star Lisa is committed to the welfare of animals and she recently spoke out on what she would like to be remembered for. And you can probably guess it is not for being a Housewife. Or Kyle’s former BFF.

Not surprisingly, Lisa shared with People that she would want to be known for her work to protect dogs through the Vanderpump Dogs Foundation. She stated, “I hope that will be my legacy.”

“It’s been a slow gradual awareness, but thanks to the vehicle of a reality show, and Bravo so kindly gave us the airtime, it’s been wonderful,” Lisa went on to explain.

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Many reality stars use their newfound fame to promote themselves and their businesses. But how many have used their platform to also support a cause in the way that Lisa has? The Vanderpump Dogs Foundation is committed to spreading awareness of dog mistreatment and encouraging humane treatment of dogs around the world. 100% of the profits at the Vandpump Dog Center go to support the cause. Since the foundation was started in 2016, 1,300 dogs have been rescued via the foundation.

Lisa continues to be committed to animals. She declared, “I’ve worked really hard. I just want to keep drawing attention to [the cause] and to rescue dogs. They are so grateful for a chance at a second life.” Dogs are given a chance at a second life at the Vanderpump Dogs Center in Los Angeles, which offers dogs for adoption.

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We all know that some Housewives can turn a simple “hello” into verbal warfare. But, who could argue with the wonderful work Lisa and her foundation are doing? Think about it–1,300 dogs have found new homes because of Lisa’s commitment to animal welfare. With her equally committed husband, Ken Todd by her side, of course.

After the death of Lisa’s brother last year and her co-star drama, things changed for her. She revealed,  “Everything shifted in my brain. All the things that I was involved with became more important. The foundation is of the utmost importance to me.” Sometimes it takes life-changing events to put everything into clear focus.

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Lisa’s foundation has also made strides in decreasing participation at the barbaric Yulin Festival. They’re also involved in congressional legislation protecting animals.

“To have success, that excited me,” Lisa admitted. “But to have success in a philanthropic way, that excites me even more. I never thought I’d be speaking in Congress. So I really don’t know what’s around the corner.”

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One thing that might be coming up for Lisa is a show centered around the Vanderpump Dogs Center. She teased at BravoCon that such a show could be on the horizon. I, for one, will be watching if the show comes to fruition. If it in any way supports Lisa and her amazing cause, I’m in.


[Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images]