Lisa Vanderpump Continues To Tease Vanderpump Dogs Spinoff; Star Says “It Should Happen”

What do you get when you leave a hit ensemble series amid rumors of treachery and trickery? If you are Lisa Vanderpump, you just might get another show. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star quit during Season 9’s infamous #puppygate scandal. In the space of 18 months Lisa lost family members, a check, and anyone in the cast who previously held the title of “friend”. After Lisa’s departure, the remaining ladies rallied around each other blissfully unaware of the backlash they would soon face.

Fans were outraged and are now threatening never to tune in to RHOBH again! The boycotts are on and the fury is palpable, but fear not LVP stans, Bravo might just throw you a bone. Speaking of bones, back in March, the streets were talking about the possibility of a new show being created for Lisa. While she already has Vanderpump Rules, this spawn of Lisa’s endeavors would feature her dog rescue organization, Vanderpump Dogs. Imagine, a program conceived at the Ground Zero of the drama that lead to Lisa’s exodus. It almost makes you want to say, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Well, here we are once again talking about LVP. No, she is not in the news for avoiding Kyle Richards. And as far as we know, Ken Todd doesn’t need a new hip. Nope, Lisa is still a major talking-point in the Bravo universe, and her particular part of the cosmos could get a little bigger. When we first learned of a potential spinoff for Lisa focusing on Vanderpump Dogs, her former co-star Lisa Rinna went crazy was incensed. Our Lady of Lip Service even threatened to ring up her attorneys, claiming the #puppygate scandal was created only to fuel a new program for Lisa. Sorry, Rinna, you’re not that important powerful, but A for effort!

Last week at BravoCon, Page Six caught up with LVP and asked her if the Dogs project is still in the works. Put the phone down, Rinna, this is not your wheelhouse. Lisa shared this update, “I would love to say that’s true. But, you know, you’re just gonna have to ask Bravo. But I’m not denying it. I think you should ask Bravo, because, you know, I don’t want to get in trouble.”

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Right. So obviously what we have here is definite confirmation Lisa saying something is on the table for bringing Vanderpump Dogs to the small screens. Should we assume that because Lisa appears to be at the tongue-in-cheek “ask Bravo” part of the conversation, that the show is a go?

Lisa didn’t stop there with the teasing. “But I think that’s an excellent idea. And if it’s not going to happen, it should happen. But it might happen, but I’m not allowed to say anything at all.” Uh-huh, it might happen but she’s not allowed to say anything. Clearly, it’s officially happening. Maybe. Perhaps.

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Another show for Lisa would at least give her old buddies on RHOBH something to talk about. They can sit outside in Kyle’s extravagant outdoor dining area, surrounded by her new mini-horses, and wax poetic about how Vanderpump’s recent show is a smack in their faces because they were USED for its concept. Once again you almost want to say, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Even those not fond of Lisa could possibly enjoy seeing a program focusing on the rescue of dogs in peril. The various projects Vanderpump Dogs takes on in an effort to remain mindful of animal rights and highlighting the proper format for dog adoption. Hey, maybe even Dorit Kemsley might watch that one. It still remains to be seen if Bravo will pull the trigger and dispatch production to begin Lisa’s revenge filming, but if I were the gambling type, I would probably bet on pink.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]