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Lala Kent Responds After Tom Sandoval Criticizes Her For Being Bad Friend To Ariana Madix; Lala Says Ariana Is Feeling Unsafe In Her Own Skin & Projecting & The Whole Vanderpump Rules Cast “Is Medicated For Anxiety & Depression”

Last season of Vanderpump Rules was everyone vs. James Kennedy. And, now, this season is shaping up to be everyone vs. Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. With a little everyone vs. Kristen Doute thrown in for good measure.

Recently, Tom Sandoval called out Lala Kent for not being the “safe place” that she claimed to be while Ariana vocalized her struggles with depression. He expressed that he was upset with Lala for saying “mean nasty things” about his girlfriend.

After seeing those remarks from Tom, Lala clapped back in a very emotional Instagram Live, which has already disappeared. But, don’t worry, we got you. Lala was crying and pouring her heart out in response to the comments. Of course, this could be a case of he said, she said. We only get to see a tiny bit of these people’s lives when we watch TV, but anyway, let’s see what Lala had to say.

She began, “To see all these people being like ‘Ariana had your back.’ Like, no the fuck she did not. Wake up. And even though me, and Stassi [Schroeder], and Katie [Maloney] didn’t get along, those bitches have been so supportive since we’ve become friends. Through the worst times and the fucking best times, they’ve been supportive. That’s what I look for in a friendship.”


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Lala continued, “I don’t want to be struggling, drowning, for you to like wake the fuck up to see if I’m good. So, there’s my spill on Tom and Ariana. I am a fucking safe place. I’m a good ass friend.”

Lala claimed, “The whole cast is fucking medicated for depression and anxiety. And we’ve all spoken about it. And we all sit here and offer like a hand, a heart, an ear to listen to, and [Tom Sandoval] want[s] to say we’re not a ‘safe place.’ But, you’re the one when my dad died, telling me to ‘toughen the fuck up.’ I think you’re feeling unsafe in your own skin and you’re projecting it onto me. I’ll be damned if someone doesn’t feel safe around me.”


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The Season 8 reunion is gonna be fire. That’s for sure.

Lala concluded, “To read it, Tom Sandoval, ‘It just really hurt me you know, to see her talking bad.’ How about this? Toughen the fuck up. I’m leavin it at that, y’all.”


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Now, I’m just wondering if Lala is going to disinvite Tom and Ariana from her and Randall Emmett’s wedding next month.


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