Kristen Doute & Katie Maloney Argue About Wine Line On Twitter

During the last episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney, Kristen Doute, and Stassi Schroeder had an event for the wine line. It was awkward because Katie and Stassi want nothing to do with Kristen. Oh, and Stassi unknowingly yelled at Beau Clark the night before he proposed to her because of Kristen.

Kristen complained that she was doing everything for the event and even claimed that the three of them “built this business from the ground up.” Girl, you did not. I’m not knocking any hard work the women may have put in, but the truth is that they partnered with Nocking Point Wines, a company that already made the product. They did not create a new business no matter how much input they had at tastings. Sure, maybe they gave some feedback about the label. Yes, they’ve promoted the line on social media. But, no, they didn’t build the business from the ground up.

Kristen continued spewing the same spiel after the episode aired. She tweeted, “We didn’t stomp on the damn grapes (wish I did; that would have been so rad) but we built the Witches of Weho x Nocking Point brand from the GROUND UP. I take pride in my businesses and I work hard to promote what I’m proud of.”

Katie denied the claim, telling a fan on Twitter, “We didn’t build it from the ground up. We were approach by nocking point to collaborate on a wine.”


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In another tweet, Katie clarified, “Our only job with our wine collaboration was to promote it social media. Literally that is it. Nocking Point provided everything for our party and Kristen just brought it. #pumprules.”

That’s when Kristen responded, “It’s our brand, our product, and the two of us should have pride in it.” Katie rebutted, “Have always been proud but not kept score.”


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A fan chimed in to advise Kristen, “Ignore…and stay away from those two. They don’t care about you and never will. Don’t dim your light to suit them…they are not worth it. Shine on and keep your vibe up Mariposa!” And Kristen responded with some heart emojis.


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Personally, I have a pet peeve about reality TV stars taking credit for businesses they had no part in; i.e. Kyle Richards and that fashion show or Shannon Beador with those frozen meals. It’s nice to see that Katie is actually being honest about the situation instead of pretending she traveled around the world stomping wines at the finest vineyards.

But, at the same time, I can see why Kristen had been frustrated by Katie and Stassi’s lack of enthusiasm for the wine line because it’s not just business, it’s personal. That lack of enthusiasm also applied to being friends with Kristen. And that just has to sting.


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