Kyle Richards Names The Housewife That Brought The Least To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is BACK. This week’s episode was so good for so many reasons. Everyone is talking about “friend of” (why is she not a full Housewife?) Sutton Stracke’s lack of manners and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s inability to “be chill.” Don’t forget Denise Richard’s Big D*cked husband Aaron Phypers. Who’d have thought he would turn out to be a cancer-loving, self-healer? Or that he makes all his money by telling the Yolanda Hadid’s of the world that you can cure illness through sound amplification? This is the stuff we need!

This is the stuff you can’t write. It is the magic of having a cast free of Lisa Vanderpump’s Bobby Fischer-ing-manipulations. This is honest Beverly Hills-rich people-crazy talk and I’m here for it all! RHOBH doesn’t need LVP. They also don’t need to make up stories anymore. If this week’s episode proved anything, it’s that the truth is stranger than a fictional storyline. Andy Cohen even agrees!

On Wednesday’s Watch What Happens Live, Andy spoke with Kyle Richards and Teddi. He read a fan question to Kyle that asked, “out of the 17 other ‘Housewives’ who have been on the show with you, who do you think brought the least to the show?” Without missing a beat, Kyle replied, “The least to the show, that would be season 4, Carlton [Gebbia].” Her answer came so fast it was comedic. Kyle continued to share her thoughts on the disaster that was Season 4 of RHOBH, saying, “that’s the season I would like to pretend never happened.”

Andy chimed in, saying, “that was the Carlton/Joyce [Giraud] season.” To which, Kyle reiterated, “yeah, the season we just pretend didn’t happen.” It’s rare for Kyle to be this honest, and it was quite enjoyable to watch. Andy then said, “the problem with those women, they would have been fine on their own, but they didn’t have existing connections to the group…that’s how they realized they needed to bring Lisa Rinna in, because she’s a character and connected to the women.”


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FINALLY! We have confirmation from the Housewives’ whisperer himself that the show doesn’t work when they hire women who have no reason to be there. We all know the series sucks when there is too much manipulation and forced story. That being said, please, please give Aaron and Denise more screen time.

Andy reminisced that he loved the fact that Kyle thought Carlton put a spell on her computer. Kyle replied with some honest crazy of her own, saying, “I’m still convinced she put a spell on me, because bees always come and torture me in the most random places.” Kyle’s conviction was laugh-out-loud funny. I’m excited to see where this season goes and I hope that these women keep bringing the honesty.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]