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Kristen Doute Shades New Vanderpump Rules Cast: “I’m On A Show With You & Don’t Even Know Your Last Name”

Even though she’s never been a personal favorite of mine, watching Kristen Doute stumble her way through Season 8 has been TOUGH. STUFF. She really has been blasted both on and off screen. First we had to watch her break up with her man-child ex-, Brian Carter. For some weird reason this split seemed to aggravate her “Los Angeles family”, Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney and we had to sit through the remaining two witches of WeHo leaving Kristen out from such coveted events as wine night. Shockingly, this was all while claiming Kristen was the one icing them. Even more recently she has had body shaming pregnancy rumors to deal with. Painful.

Couple all of this with a season where every single longstanding cast member is buying homes, getting engaged or married, and freezing eggs? Guys, we really have watched a couple get married to each other for a second time it’s been so slow. I mean, seriously, what am I even watching??? I have quite literally been asking myself this question all season, and it sounds like Kristen has been too. Am I about to be team Kristen?

Recently, Kristen herself told AOL that this season has been slightly lacking, calling it a “transition season.” Truthfully, her logic in this interview was hard to follow. Kristen first claims that “…it’s always great to have fresh blood and to have new people. Especially because at the end of the day, the show did start as a show about Lisa Vanderpump and her restaurants,” while elaborating to say “…especially with the OG cast, our opinions are, like, ‘No, this is a show about our lives.’ But, at the end of the day, that is how it started, and Lisa is the matriarch of this series. This is her show.”

Okay. I get this. She thinks new cast is good. It’s a show about Lisa (and therefore her restaurants), not necessarily the original cast’s day to day. Now buckle up.


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Later, Kristen explained that the disconnect between the new cast and old. She said,”I don’t think that it is weird to continue to bring people in that work for her. What I do think is weird is to shove seven new cast members down our throats when we didn’t have the opportunity to really get to know them, especially since a lot of us — most of us — don’t work there anymore.”

She went so far as to say “I feel like the only person I really know well just as a viewer is Dayna [Kathan], because she’s starting to bleed out: She’s talked about her family, you’ve now met her sister on the show, and things like that, where all these other people I’m like, ‘I don’t even know your last name, and I’m on a show with you.'”


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The former SURver took even more shots implying that the new cast are simply attention seeking clout chasers. She said,  “I just think other people watched seven seasons of Vanderpump Rules, and then went, ‘Hmm, who should I be like? How can I be on, quote unquote, ‘reality TV?” And that is not what our show is about, so it’s frustrating,”

So now I’m confused. Kristen, you’re saying the show is about Lisa and her restaurants, which is exactly where the new cast work. It’s hard to even imagine Kirsten in a SUR uniform it’s been so long. No wonder she doesn’t know these newbies. It’s been forever. 


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Despite not knowing the recent cast, Kristen still seems certain they’re extremely thirsty for some notoriety. Honestly, it does seem pretty obvious these new kids are here for the insta follows, and I don’t care. It’s simple math. Thirsty = messy and messy = entertaining. Bring them in! Watching Brett Caprioni try to butter up and hook up with queen Lisa herself is the level of shock and horror I need in my TV. 

For those of you still dedicated to VPR but struggling through this season, there is hope. Kristen followed up her shady statements about the new cast by saying “If we get a season nine, I hope that it’ll be different for the viewers and for us, because now we’ve had so much time to get to know certain people.” Fab. 


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