NeNe Leakes Responds To Vivica A. Fox & Claudia Jordan’s Claim That She Is On Drugs

NeNe Leakes is coming off a season where viewers witnessed, quite possibly, the worst apology tour ever. It’s no secret the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, once praised for her shady one-liners, is now famous for being a bitch her coarse attitude. Over the years NeNe has had her fair share of disposition issues, but her actions last season really stood out.

NeNe has offered many excuses as to why she can’t act right her temperament is less than pleasant. When she isn’t throwing the victim card, she chalked her acidic nature up to her husband’s cancer battle. But let’s face it, NeNe wasn’t Little Mary Sunshine before Gregg Leakes’ diagnosis. Recently, former RHOA star Claudia Jordan and Vivica A. Fox implied NeNe might be blowing rails struggling with a chemical dependency. Now NeNe is responding to Vivica and Claudia’s allegations, and her reply might surprise you.

NeNe has become that polarizing figure that has lost friends, fans, and camera time – depending on who you believe. If you’re going to act like a fool on the regular, people are going to talk about it. Bloop, okay? Housewife alum Claudia had Vivica as a guest on her show and the two discussed NeNe’s erratic demeanor. They also heavily suggested NeNe is partaking in the devil’s dust. According to Madame Noire, NeNe has some feedback for Claudia and Aunt Viv and their claims the Bolivian marching powder is behind her shitty attitude unstable personality.

In a radio interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, NeNe said, “I thought me and Vivica was cool. Is she on f-cking drugs? Don’t ever put me in that category, okay? You can put me in a lot of categories but the drug category, you will never be able to put me there.” Ah, the old bait and switch. Obviously Vivica MUST be on drugs to insinuate someone who is portrayed weekly as a rude, aggressive, two-faced human might have a drug problem.


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NeNe continued, “That was really f-cked up. Let me tell you how f-cked up that is. I have never done any drugs. I have never even smoked a cigarette in my life,” said NeNe. Really? Never smoked a cig ever? Saint NeNe added, “I’ve had family members, I speak about this on the show, that has been on drugs before. I’ve never been on drugs. I’ve been on plenty of vodka, but I’ve never been on no drugs before. I will never do drugs. That’s something that I’ve never been on. I don’t smoke cigarettes, weed, do coke. I’ve never even tried it. So for someone to go so low and insinuate something like that to defame your character, it’s really effed up.” Is it really effed up? Basically what NeNe is trying to say is she is 100% that bitch and she can’t blame it on anything but a poor psyche.

NeNe also has thoughts on why her name was in Claudia and Viv’s mouths to begin with. She said, “Listen, these people have fallen from grace, okay? Who better to talk about than the person that everyone is talking about? There are people who are on these shows who were movie stars, they’ve fallen from grace and now they’re on the internet.” HAHAHAHAHA, look who’s talking about falling from grace. The same lady who claimed her husband got cancer from karma. Someone who fat shamed a former friend a week after giving birth. Oh NeNe, we see you.


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Yes, alluding to a drug problem could be considered defaming someone’s character. But showing your ass week after week on national television is pretty much defaming yourself. NeNe doesn’t really need anyone to sully her reputation because she’s doing fine on her own, no drugs needed.


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