Kenya Moore Says NeNe Leakes Tried To Spit On Her! There Is NO Chance Of Them Being Friends Again

Did you know the act of intentionally spitting on someone is considered assault? Yes, my friends, hocking your saliva at another human is classified as battery under the common assault category of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. The more you know! The real question is, do you think NeNe Leakes is aware of this little factoid? The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has yet to be formally denounced for her less than appealing personality. NeNe did not film the first two episodes of the new season, but if you ask her, it was due to contract negotiations and definitely not because she was #suspendedbybravo.

The return of new mom Kenya Moore has really lit a fire under NeNe. After Kenya mercilessly stole NeNe’s buddy, Cynthia Bailey, away in a sea of carbonated alcoholic beverages, NeNe has a score to settle. Viewers are familiar with NeNe’s hot temper, and so is Bravo production. If NeNe’s camera crew followed her around dressed in full combat gear, it’s probably because she roughed someone up for trying to film in her closet. Fans are also keen to NeNe’s moody disposition. In one instance, NeNe got into a heated confrontation with a woman in an airport. In a separate airport incident, NeNe allegedly swiped a viewer’s phone to the ground. Recently the streets have been saying NeNe let her spirit and her spit fly, this time directed at Kenya. Now Kenya confirms the scoop and what this means for their relationship going forward.

The gang is back and tensions are already high leading into the new season of RHOA. The show kicked off featuring Kenya in her mommy role and NeNe was nowhere to be seen. But beware, she will be back and it will be dramatic. It seems like the Real Housewives fandom has been waiting for a Kenya vs NeNe showdown and according to reports, fans aren’t likely to be disappointed.

NeNe is bothered by Kenya, no matter what she says to the contrary. Actions speak louder than words, y’all! NeNe didn’t exactly take the high road when she allegedly referred to Kenya as a “monster” during her pregnancy. There is also speculation NeNe had a down low friendship with Kenya’s estranged husband, Marc Daly. Kenya recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and confirmed what many of us suspected to already to be true.

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In a video clip uploaded to YouTube, a caller questions Kenya on her status with NeNe. The fan asked, “Will we see you and NeNe in a better place this year?” Kenya’s answer caused quite a stir in the WWHL audience, “The answer about NeNe is absolutely not, I think she is pretty much dead to me.” Cue Andy Cohen’s shocked face. Andy attempted to move on but Kenya added, “When someone tries to spit on you, I think they’re not ever going to be friends…”

Wow. NeNe. Wow. Are we reducing ourselves to elementary school retaliation tactics now? Apparently so. Kenya also said she and NeNe are “pretty much done”. I would say so, but this is the Twilight Zone reality television, so anything could happen. Kenya does seem to be getting along with former foe Porsha Williams these days, so nothing is off-limits. But spitting could be the final nail in the coffin for a working relationship between anyone.

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NeNe has not commented on this revelation from Kenya, but it isn’t too hard to believe based on her general nature. Hopefully, cameras were rolling as NeNe tried to baptize Kenya with her holy slobber. Regardless of anyone’s thoughts on either cast member, spitting is just gross. If this is true, NeNe should thank her lucky stars she wasn’t handed some fancy papers courtesy of Kenya’s attorney. Looks like RHOA Season 12 might need combat gear AND raincoats.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]