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Kristen Doute Says Writing About Sleeping With Jax Taylor Was ‘The Hardest” Part Of Authoring A Book

For Vanderpump Rules fans it was the slap heard round the world. Let’s turn back the clock to the Season 2 finale of Pump Rules when Kristen Doute finally admitted to Stassi Schroeder that she slept with Jax Taylor. Jax at this time was trying desperately to win Stassi back after cheating on her in Vegas. Kristen was trying desperately to prove that her then-boyfriend Tom Sandoval was cheating with Ariana Madix. But in the midst of all the messiness, another cheating scandal was bubbling under the radar. In the finale, viewers witnessed Kristen finally take accountability for sleeping with Jax. In return, she got slapped – hard – by the self-proclaimed Queen Stassi.

I don’t condone the physical violence – but that season of Pump Rules was epic. This Kristen/Jax/Stassi/Tom “storyline” came out of nowhere – that you have to believe it’s actually real. The secret built the whole season and we got to watch the mess unfold to this slapping crescendo. No matter whose side you were on, everyone could at least agree that this cast was living their messiest lives on camera – and we loved them for it. As they’ve grown in subsequent seasons the series has lost this messy magic. One thing however has remained messy, and that is Stassi and Kristen’s rollercoaster friendship. Today, these women are seemingly on the outs, and Kristen is taking this moment to spill the tea about the infamous cheating scandal.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Kristen talks about the release of her upcoming book, He’s Making You Crazy. The new author is especially candid here, saying, “I think the ‘I Lied’ chapter was probably the hardest one for me to write.” The chapter is about her and sociopath Jason Cauchi Jax having sex – with Tom 1 in the next room – and lying to all their friends about it. Kristen shares that writing this chapter, “was difficult because I felt so much guilt about my mistake that I didn’t feel that I really deserved any sort of platform to speak my mind about it or say my peace.” I am impressed by this sense of remorse – but also – very happy she’s going to spill!

Kristen said, “I just want to explain where my brain was at because I think a lot of women have gone through this and, you know, they have had affairs or they’ve messed up or they’ve lied about something. But there’s a reason for it. And it’s not to take the blame off of myself, but it’s just to explain where my brain was at in that moment.” She also clarified that she is, “not blaming [Jax] for this, I’m actually taking the heat for it.” This is the right thing to do – but Jax is hardly blameless and he’s shown that he has zero remorse, ever, for his actions.


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Kristen also shared that she is not naming names, even though we already know who she’s talking about. “I thought truly that it would be so much grander for the reader to read if it was just left as a simple key or like a pseudonym as we use often because I want women to be reading the story and not about the who.” Okay, sure.

Importantly, Kristen noted that she reached out, “to both Brittany [Cartwright] and Ariana and just kind of gave them a heads up that there were going to be some things about, you know, Brittany’s husband and Ariana, her long-term boyfriend… They were both like, you know, ‘Do you girl.’” It’s good to hear she has support from at least two friends on the show.


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Personally, I can’t wait to read Kristen’s book. He’s Making You Crazy is out June 2. It’s also available to pre-order here.


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