Kristen Doute Says She “Doesn’t Care” If She’s Friends With Stassi Schroeder & Katie Maloney Ever Again

The Kristen Doute vs. Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney feud is just so vague. Stasssi and Katie were annoyed with Kristen for her toxic relationship with [Brian] Carter. Kristen felt abandned by Stassi and Katie. It’s just wild that something so tame in comparison to the horrible things these people have done to each other.

Stassi slapped Kristen in the face after Kristen admitted to sleeping with Jax Taylor while Kristen’s then-boyfriend Tom Sandoval was asleep in the next room. Meanwhile, Kristen was actually the person who introduced Stassi to her soon-to-be husband Beau Clark and Kristen isn’t even invited to their wedding, as of now anyway. She also introduced Katie to her husband Tom Schwartz, by the way. Does more happen this season on Vanderpump Rules? Or is it still just simply old friends who have grown apart in a

In a recent interview with HollywoodLife, Kristen declared, “I don’t care if we are never friends again.” Oh, girl. We know that’s not true. It’s so obvious that Kristen still loves Stassi and Katie, even though they ditched her “for Lala Kent,” a sentiment that Kristen previously shared.

Kristen told the website, “To me, I still love [Stassi]. She’s still my sister, and she deserves to know that I’m proud of her.” Stassi recently congratulated Kristen on her book and also offered to help Kristen with Brittany Cartwright’s birthday party back in January. Kristen also mentioned that Katie pre-ordered her book, which you can also do by clicking here.


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Overall, Kristen admits, “I’m always hopeful. I don’t live in absolutes. I don’t live in never forever, because it’s just stupid and it’s not real life.” Sso she does care about becoming friends again. We see you, girl.

Still, Kristen recognizes that she needs to mend her individual relationships with Stassi and Katie. It’s not about the trio as a whole. Kristen explained, “I think it has to be separate conversations. I don’t think the three of us together is going to work as the first sit down. I think it needs to be Katie and I, Stassi and I, treat them as very different friendships and find out why each of them solely felt that this was so easy to just cut me off.”


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