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NeNe Leakes Says Kandi Burruss Has “Never Been Number 1 In Anything She Has Done”

Poor NeNe Leakes! The much victimized star of Real Housewives of Atlanta has once again found herself on the receiving end of some unsavory thoughts. I’m not sure what it says about humankind when people who have been the subject of numerous unkind sentiments decide to make sour comments of their own. It’s just another day in the life of our misunderstood NeNe.

Every now and then – oh what am I saying – every five minutes, NeNe seems to use her voice to verbally slap someone. But you guys, it’s always to defend herself and never to start something. We must keep in mind NeNe is but a mere pawn in the oral battles that take place on RHOA. Everyone from Kenya Moore to Eva Marcille have specifically targeted NeNe for their own gain. Kandi Burruss has gotten in on the barrage of malevolent character assassination and NeNe responds in an effort to keep her sterling reputation untarnished.

Apparently nothing can stop NeNe. She can be unfairly reprimanded for her attitude. She can be forced to apologize so people will film with her. And she can conduct interviews from her home so she does not have to get out on these pestilence-filled streets. THANK GOODNESS. Recently, Kandi had a little interview of her own and NeNe’s name was in her mouth. Because NeNe’s name is in EVERYONE’S mouth, if you didn’t already know.

NeNe appeared in a video sit-down with The Breakfast Club radio program and had a response for Kandi’s words. Kandi seems to feel like NeNe’s venture into therapy has been less about a spiritual awakening and more about damage control. Where in the world would Kandi get an idea like that? The nerve! Naturally NeNe wants to set Kandi straight.


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“What damage do I need to control?”, NeNe asks incredulously. Right? Certainly not the fat shaming. Definitely not complaining for having to take care of an ill spouse. The ALLEGED spitting at a co-star could never be an issue. But look you guys, Kandi is obsessed with NeNe. I mean, who isn’t? See, NeNe posted a cryptic video this one time but mentioned NO NAMES. Despite the anonymous nature of the video subject, Kandi assumed she was the topic and became quite angry. Being the understanding, compassionate person that she is, NeNe reached out to Kandi and made valiant attempts to set Kandi straight. But noooooooo, Kandi was “firing back text messages” and this conflict only proves NeNe’s point that she remains the eternal Martyr of Atlanta.

Why would Kandi say such a thing? Well NeNe knows, she said, “She [Kandi] has been boring, for a while now. What better way for someone to call your name, Kandi, than put it next to NeNe Leakes?” Bloop! Blop! Translation, NeNe is the most important person on this show, and quite possibly the world. But don’t fret, NeNe wasn’t done. She added, “Kandi just wants to be number one, you know she’s never been number one in anything that she’s done.”


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Hey NeNe, where do you keep your Grammy? OH THAT’S RIGHT, you don’t have one. And according to Billboard, Kandi has been number one, so there is that. The streets also say Kandi is the highest paid Housewife, which must not sit well with the ever-maligned NeNe. That said, NeNe laments that Kandi just wants to be number one and the “seat is not available”. But no worries, NeNe will let Kandi know as soon as she’s done. “It’s available when I give it to her. She’s number two.”

While Kandi navigates a possible new Bravo spinoff, her restaurant chain, very large family, the entity known as Mama Joyce, multiple side-hustles, and music career, I’m glad we have NeNe to keep everything in perspective. Regardless of what someone else achieves in their life, we must always remember NeNe is number one.


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