Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Dorit Kemsley Gets New Teeth

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been on a small hiatus and I miss it. Before the season even began, there were rumors of it being a snooze fest. I for one, have seen nothing of the sort. Garcelle Beauvais has been a stellar addition to the mix. Sutton Stracke is, in my opinion, bat shit crazy. Speaking of, how about Denise Richards’ husband, Aaron Phypers? Yeah, cuckoo for cocoa puffs but it’s been fun to watch.

But one person I have never been on board with when it comes to RHOBH is Dorit Kemsley. There’s the fake accent. Plus desperation to be part of Lisa Vanderpump’s inner circle. Not to mention all the money troubles. I’ve always considered her a grifter. But Dorit isn’t letting any of that stand in her way of living her best life. Who cares if it’s a lie?

For those of you who follow her on social media, you might have noticed a glow up. I noticed and I don’t even have to follow her. Dorit sure has made the most of this pandemic. Now, she’s ready to share some of her tweaks.

In a recent Instagram post, Dorit opens up about her journey to get the teeth of her dreams. Dorit tells us, “I’ve only ever known what’s it like to have straight teeth. I was so fortunate my whole life, I never needed braces and I took good care of my teeth so didn’t have many cavities. I was warned by my dentists all growing up that I would need to wear a night guard because of excessive grinding at night but the thought didn’t appeal to me so I never did anything about it.” Is this the part where we are supposed to feel sorry for her or?


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She continues, “As the years went on I would notice my teeth looked smaller and smaller and I started to have sensitivity which became increasingly more uncomfortable over time. Each dentist I saw over the last few years said the same to me that I had grinded my teeth down to point where veneers were inevitable.”

Dorit shared, “A dear friend of ours introduced PK [Kemsley] and I to Dr Sam Saleh who splits his time between his Beverly Hills office and his London office. Our friend had just done veneers with Dr Saleh and I was amazed at how good and natural they looked so I knew I wanted to have a consultation with him”


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“I was so immediately impressed with Dr Saleh’s office, his professional and warm staff, and ultimately his ability to make me feel like I was in the absolute best hands. PK and I both decided to do vaneers with Dr Saleh and I couldn’t be more excited and impressed with my new smile,” she wrote.

Dorit concludes, “Thank you @drsamsaleh and the team @drsamsaleh_aesthetics for making me feel so comfortable every step of the way and for giving me back my smile that I’ve missed for a while. PK and I are both so grateful and couldn’t be happier with the results!!! If you’re in LA or the UK and looking for the right cosmetic dentist- I recommend Dr Saleh whom I hold in the highest regard.”


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Ok, as much as I don’t really care for her as a housewife, you gotta give it to her. Dorit looks GOOD. Her teeth are poppin’ right off the photo of her standing with her doctor. I’m all about people upgrading their personal appearance any way they see fit. Especially if it makes them feel good. That’s the whole point, right?

With that said, we all know that when these Bravolebrities jump on the gram to plug a doctor, it’s probably in exchange for free services. Which totally fits for Dorit. After all, grifters gotta grift.


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[Photo Credit: John Tsiavis/Bravo]