Erika Jayne & Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Defend Dorit Kemsley When Fan Questions Her Accent At BravoCon

Dorit Kemsley is a believer of everything in excess, exception moderation and paying bills. The star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills originally hails not from England, not from Israel, but… Woodbridge. Connecticut. When viewers were first introduced to Dorit, her accent became the source of much debate. Who is this international lover of rented haute couture and bags that cost more than an automobile? Dorit with her endless wig collection and cosmopolitan lifestyle! Surely husband PK Kemsley plucked Dorit from the fashionable gambling tables at Monaco living under the James Bondesque alias, Domino Hasnocash.

The truth is, Dorit’s parents are Israeli and her husband is British. She left Connecticut at 19 to travel the world and wound up in Italy. Dorit managed to stay there on and off for about ten years and created her global swimwear company. After relocating to New York, she met PK and added another accent to her repertoire. Still, fans felt Dorit’s articulation was as phony as her bra size and never failed to call her out. Well, some things never change and Dorit was recently questioned once again about the mystery of her enunciation. Good thing her close buddies Erika Jayne and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave were there because it got kind of awkward.

On BravoCon’s last day, Dorit, Erika, and Teddi participated in the “RHOBH: The Real 90210” panel. Personally, my first question would have been, “When was the last time any of you lived in the 90210 zip code?” but apparently I am alone in that one. Hey, you know what another good question could have been? “Dorit, why did you your assistant drop a dog off at a kill shelter?” Maybe that one wouldn’t have gotten past the mods. My point is, being picked on about her accent seems to be one of the easier questions Dorit could have been asked.

According to Page Six, during the panel an audience member threw a direct question to Dorit. “When does your real accent come out?,” the fan wanted to know. Eh, it kind of leans towards the meh side of things. Why not ask when we will see her real hair? How many offshore accounts does PK have? Or, does the rose gold Bentley still exist? In any case, it proved to be an uncomfortable moment for Dorit. She explained she is unable to fake anything with her castmates because she’s with them “all the time”. That’s because they all spent the summer in court together.

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Luckily her co-stars jumped to her defense. Really? Yes, really. Erika replied, “This is her real voice,” with Teddi nodding in agreement. I have a feeling Teddi will be agreeing with a lot of things in the new season. Erika continued to back her friend, “Does she [Dorit] get influenced sometimes by her husband’s accent? Yes,” she explained. Yeah boy, that Cockney accent is so hard not to emulate. After a scene involving PK I always have a craving for porridge and chimney sweeping.

Thankfully Teddi stopped nodding long enough to advise the curious fan that Dorit’s family is “international and speaks multiple languages”, which influences her accent as well. I mean, my family is Irish but I’m not running around searching for pots of gold and screaming “top o’ the morning!” until sunset. But to each his own and perhaps Dorit’s dialect is sensitive, like her affinity for drinking out of the proper beverage vessel.

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At the end of the day, it might have been a stiff moment for Dorit, but at least one of the world’s most incredible mysteries has officially been solved. We will have to wait and see what accent Dorit goes with for the new season of RHOBH. Some questions do remain. What hair she will have? What house will she live in? And maybe the most important question of all; WHAT ABOUT THE TAXES? I would love to see Erika answer that one.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]