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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Reunion Part 2

Denise Richards is firmly in the hot seat at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. Almost everyone has something they want to confront her about. They better get all of their frustrations out while they can because they won’t be able to much longer. Unfortunately the one person who won’t get to confront Denise is Brandi Glanville. Despite the alleged hookup between them being at the forefront at the end of the season, she won’t be there. How is that fair?

Watching Lisa Rinna’s friendship with Denise fall apart over the season has been an unexpected development. It’s sad to see a friendship like this crash and burn over a TV show. At the same time though, it must be difficult to be a good friend when you’re friend is constantly lying. It’s easy to call Rinna a horrible friend, but is she? She sees Denise is lying at every turn, and her job is to call out stuff like that. Just saying! Maybe they’ll get past it here. 

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We’re starting out with Kyle Richards’ comments about the group being “fake ass bitches”. Where is the lie though? Beverly Hills arguably has the most fake cast among the entire franchise. Nobody wants to truly be real and showcase their lives in an authentic way.

Dorit Kemsley’s comment about having a life is so rude to the other women. Everyone made time to be there to support Teddi Mellencamp. Everyone has things going on in their lives that they had to push to the side. That being said, Teddi made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal to even be there. If you tell people you don’t care if they come or not, don’t hold your breath on them giving their appearance their all.

A big issue is Kyle’s inability to recognize how her friendship with Teddi differs from her interactions with everyone else. It is a little weird. They can’t function without the other. They’re always speaking for each other. Stop being so co-dependent.

The topic shifts to Kyle’s vile comment toward Erika Jayne never even remotely confronted about it. If you have nothing to hide or there’s nothing weird, why react in such a manner? They say when you’re angry your true feelings come out. Kyle must really dislike Erika to have that kind of insulting reaction.

Despite being seemingly good friends off camera, it was a little jarring to see Kyle and Dorit spar this season. Kyle calls out Dorit for trying to take credit for her success this season. In Dorit’s defense, she did have to save your fashion show and Teddi’s baby shower. What would you have done without her? Just show gratitude and move on.

Dorit wants to know what Kyle meant at the astrology party when she said Dorit wasn’t as good of friends with Erika as she thought she would. Kyle kind of dances around the actual question. I wonder if her saying that was out of jealousy or just out of spite trying to cause an issue. However, maybe Erika doesn’t truly like Dorit, and that’s what Kyle was alluding to.

Kyle feels like Dorit threw her businesses under the bus all season. It’s easy to do that when you don’t really know what you’re doing. Dorit IS in the fashion business. She’s being doing it for years. It must be frustrating for her to see someone she knows struggling and throwing their name on a label despite not having a clue.

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Garcelle Beauvais tries to say that it’s odd Kyle was more upset with her than Dorit at Erika’s party. Garcelle I really like you, but please stop reaching with your imaginary feud with Kyle. Dorit doesn’t like Garcelle interjecting one bit, and she shuts her down. What it looks like to me is a little glimmer of a possible future feud between Dorit and Garcelle. Next season it’s going to happen. Mark my words.

This rift between Kyle and Dorit has extended beyond the filming of the show. For the first time in their friendship they’ve gone months without speaking. I really didn’t think it was that deep because damn it’s just not. What is so horrific about their feud that it would have this kind of effect?

Dorit gives Kyle a heartfelt apology for slamming her business on the show. Kyle accepts, so hopeful this is the end of this feud. There isn’t an earth shattering issue that took place between them. They should be able to work past this.

Denise has a sense of humor about the ragamuffin comment and jokes about wanting to trademark it. It’s a little confusing though as to what Kyle actually thinks. First, she has an issue with Dorit for showing up to Teddi’s event in “Barbie glam”. After that, she chose to come at Denise for a more laid back and relaxed look. Kyle is just throwing random s**t out there to retaliate for them not kissing her ass.

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The pandemic has left Rinna unable to see her mother in over five months. Given her mother’s age, that must be highly stressful. I couldn’t imagine not being allowed to visit my loved on in an assisted living facility. Something could happen at any moment, and she wouldn’t even be able to see her in those final moments. Truly heartbreaking.

Garcelle doesn’t even want to entertain Amelia Gray’s “f**k off” response about her inquiries. It’s hard to really gauge why Garcelle really brought this up. At first it seemed like she was just trying to retaliate against Rinna, but I feel like she was coming fro m a decent place.

Teddi brings up a good point thought about Garcelle’s delivery of the comment. Garcelle chose to call out Rinna for that in the middle of a group scene. She could’ve easily pulled her aside and had that conversation with her away from the other women. She knew what she was doing. However, I still think Garcelle genuinely cares about the well being of Amelia.

It’s also hypocritical for Teddi to call out someone else for doing that. She LITERALLY did the same thing with Denise in Rome. Teddi could have had a private chat with Denise about her feelings and even the Brandi debacle. Instead, she created a whole moment at the dinner in front of all the women. Stop picking and choosing when you want to enforce these standards for the group.

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Sutton Stracke is asked about calling Rinna’s dancing weird, but she doesn’t find weird to be a bad thing. I’m glad she said that because I was like GIRRRRRRRRL stop. Sutton is so quirky and wears outfits that look like doilies. She doesn’t have room to talk. Dorit tries to say Sutton did it with a negative connotation. She really hates this new girl huh?

I cannot fathom why everyone is so concerned about Rinna’s Instagram posts. Why do you even care? If she wants to dance or post nearly naked photos, let her do her because she owns it. She owns that she loves attention. Not everyone is self aware enough to admit that.

Teddi’s kids are going through the wringer these days. Watching Teddi break down over her daughter’s neurosurgery is so difficult to watch. She was so excited to be a mom again, but this kind of condition is terrifying.

Also, how hilarious is it that the group basically pretended like she wasn’t even pregnant? They pushed through the whole season with raw fish and drinking with no care for her. Maybe because she’s so forgettable.

If her new daughter’s situation wasn’t already awful, her older daughter had a cringe experience too. The tip of her finger got amputated! OMG NO EW. Poor Teddi tried to save the fingertip by putting it on ice, but that was the opposite of what she was supposed to do. Thankfully Paul Nassif was able to do emergency surgery and save the finger. I’m sure that was a big sigh of relief for Teddi and her family.

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Denise claiming to barely know Brandi is laughable. The text chain speaks for itself. Denise can downplay it all she wants, but the truth is evident. Rinna asks why Denise wouldn’t just call Brandi in Rome to clear this all up, but she says she’s it’s because not friends with Brandi.

Denise accuses Andy Cohen of trying to discredit her when past comments are used against her. Prior to Rome, Denise was singing Brandi’s praises. SHE HAD A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH HER. Okay bitch? I just really love that Brandi quote in the middle of Dorit’s tacky Capri room.

Most of the women start flipping out about Brandi not being at the reunion. Apparently the tipping point for Andy and Bravo was Brandi saying she performed oral sex on Denise. Why not let Brandi say her peace to Denise’s face though? It’s not fair that Denise always gets to run. Now with the news that Denise is leaving the show, we will never get that face to face conversation. Shame on you.

Denise downplays talking trash about the women to Brandi. One thing that was confusing was Denise saying Brandi asks why Rinna turned on her. At the time they would have talked. Rinna and Denise had no issues that we know of. That doesn’t even make sense. Holy s**t this woman is always lying through her teeth.

She is insistent that Brandi said she had sex with other women in this group. However, she refuses to give any names. That’s probably because this is a blatant lie. A lie born out of desperation to shift the narrative against Brandi and off her.

Denise and Rinna completely go at it toward the end of the episode, and this friendship will never be repaired. The biggest disappointment about this episode is the lack of Brandi. Having half the episode be about Brandi but not let her speak her truth to Denise directly is bulls**t. I agree wholeheartedly with Rinna’s sentiment.


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