Brandi Glanville Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

It would take a lot to shock most of us these days. We’re watching shows where someone is married to their step grandfather. If a stranger approached us and declared themselves a recovering alcoholic lesbian who refuses to divorce her cis husband but has a girlfriend and would consider it a betrayal if her spouse dated another woman, we wouldn’t bat an eye.

And then there’s Brandi Glanville. Bless her heart. She briefly starred on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and managed to make a lot of enemies. After her departure, Brandi has been an occasional mess guest on RHOBH. In her spare time, Brandi appears on social media. She likes to engage in arguments, she likes to give opinions no one asked for, and she ALLEGEDLY likes to do it under a haze of alcohol. Nothing really shocks our jaded souls about Brandi either. Not even now when she’s having a hysterical meltdown over breaking up with her… sofa.

According to The Sun, Brandi is facing backlash from a video she posted. No, she wasn’t attacking anyone. She didn’t accuse anyone of a sordid affair. She was crying over a goddamned piece of furniture. Really 2021?

Potential audition reel for a non-existent show, or did she genuinely find this funny? Either way, people who watched the video became concerned. Brandi uploaded a post to Facebook titled “I’m quitting.” She was, I don’t know, fake crying (?) and saying, “It pains me to do this”. I half expected her to begin a conversation with a Denise Richards cardboard cutout.


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Brandi continued, “But unfortunately, I’m going to have to cut someone out of my life that I spend every f**king day with and I love and I sleep with it. And I… I feel like I’m addicted to it and I might need to leave it. But, it’s so hard when you love something and someone… How do you just walk away?” Uh-huh, something in the milk ain’t clean here, but go on

The future Daytime Emmy winner said, “I mean, how do you f**king do it? For the health of me and my children, I’m going to quit. And I don’t know what I’d do without this. I have to do it. It’s an unhealthy relationship. It takes everything from me. I don’t get anything done. It consumes me so this is it. I’m going to say it and I’m going to do it.” Sure, no one thinks this is weird at all, Jan. “You’re my witness. I, Brandi Glanville, am no longer going to be on my couch. I’m done with my couch. I don’t understand. I want it every day but now I’m walking away. I’m doing it.” Then she walked out of frame.


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People were concerned about Brandi’s mental state. One follower remarked, “Maybe you should quit your relationship with alcohol and pills you admittedly take.” Another wrote, “I actually hope she’s ok. Mental health is serious no matter who or what you are. She looks like she’s drunk.” Now furious, Brandi hopped on Twitter to vent. “I’m annoyed as f**k I tried to do something funny on fb that actually mirrored my life. B***hes… I’m on f**king Xanax. I’m on gabapentin I now take 20 mg of Lexapro every morning I’m struggling also but trying to keep it humorous-suck a d**k – Peace out,” she said.

Le sigh. I won’t speculate Brandi was, in fact, delusional about a couch. What would be the point? This is typical Brandi behavior and no one should be surprised. The old formula might have been, get drunk or buzzed and make a stupid video that concerns people for attention. In the past, we might have mentioned the impact something like this would have on her two sons. Now, with our jaded souls, it’s just another Wednesday.


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