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Erika Jayne Reportedly Living Next To Armie Hammer; Alleged Screenshot Of Erika Sliding Into His DMs Leaked

Erika Jayne, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and current client under embezzlement charges, has moved. Once living in a $6 million mansion in Pasadena with it’s own chapel, she has since relocated to a $1.5 million abode with about 14,000 less square footage. But look you guys, all is not lost. Now Erika can start to enjoy the benefit of having neighbors. Kind of like Kyle Richards and most of the RHOBH cast living on top of each other in Encino.

While Erika is likely not going to run into Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave on her way to the mailbox, because life isn’t quite that bad yet, sometimes it’s exciting to meet new people on your block. Ever heard of a guy named Armie Hammer? He is a thespian and has appeared in several films you might know. People like to talk about Armie because of his award-winning acting performances. People also like to talk about Armie because he may or may not have fantasies involving eating human flesh. And now my friends, people like to talk about Armie and Erika being new neighbors. ALLEGEDLY.

Pop the popcorn because for once Erika is not in the news for stealing from orphans and widows! During these trying times people occasionally make up stories for lack of anything better to do. Also worth noting, there have been moments where people suffering from bad publicity create what we like to call a diversion, so regular folks get off their jocks and shift focus elsewhere. I’m not saying that is what’s happening here, but that might be what’s happening here.

Recently Armie has been in the media because like Erika, he is in the middle of some marriage conflict. Armie might also like things a little dirty. And by dirty I mean 50 Shades of Grey got nothing on this dude. Some of Armie’s ex-girlfriends have lodged some pretty… horrific complaints against him. In January 2021, multiple women came forward about inappropriate and nonconsensual actions, along with emotionally manipulative and cannibalistic behavior. There has also been talk about ‘ol Armie being big in the BDSM community but not recognizing safe words – which is a huge etiquette no no.


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ALLEGEDLY Armie also has a secret Insta that details some of his more underground desires, but he denies this along with the rest of the accusations against him. One of Armie’s former girlfriends shared some of his supposed interests with Page Six, but it includes abuse so that’s a trigger warning for you. Now you might be wondering what Armie has to do with Erika. Remember that time Erika dressed up like a full latex dominatrix when she and the RHOBH ladies visited Berlin? Imma need you to hold that thought.

According to The Blast, Armie and Erika might have something in common. No, not a collection of whipping devices that we know of, the same zip code! Aaaaaand, Erika might have slid into his DMs – but not to borrow a cup of sugar. The popular Insta account Deuxmoi, recently posted a screenshot of an ALLEGED social media post made by Armie on his ALLEGED secret Instagram account. Fun fact; Deuxmoi is super entertaining to follow, but keep in mind literally nothing is ever verified before posting. Moving on.


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The ALLEGED post Armie made included a photo of Erika posing in lingerie. Armie captioned it, “My new neighbor just moved in recently and slid in to my DMs. She said she can here [sic] what happens over on my side of the fence and she wants in. This is my new neighbor.” Erika has recently joked about a making a dating profile and has been keeping busy not talking about her own horrible scandal. It seems like all she does these days is post pics of herself wearing basically nothing in heavily edited photos.

SO! Is Erika trying to get a new client boyfriend? Could she possibly be interested in a man with such scary complaints against him? I guess if literally taking money from needy families doesn’t frighten you off, what’s a little cannibal talk? Is this just untrue, albeit interesting, gossip to throw us off Erika’s path of shame? Remember, we have no idea what Erika goes through at night! And it looks like we don’t want to.


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