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Erika Jayne’s Husband Tom Girardi’s Attorneys Claim He Was “Secretly Hospitalized” For Serious Illness


Okay guys, grab your blankie and maybe a cocktail because this is officially ugly. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Terms of Embezzlement star, Erika Jayne, has not only ended her marriage, her “career” could be over too. Erika’s estranged husband, Tom Girardi is under fire for stealing money from plane crash victims and ALLEGEDLY siphoning it to his bride’s corporate account.

Let’s recap. We have Tom, not paying for office equipment. Tom is also not paying his law partner. And Tom definitely didn’t pay the plaintiffs who lost family members in a horrible tragedy. By week’s end, I suspect we will be discussing how his federal case turned into a criminal case. But wait! Is all of this a result of an older man who isn’t well? Could Big Tommy be suffering from an undisclosed illness that has impacted his decision-making abilities? His attorneys want you to think so. Now Tom’s health is being called into question over the Boeing suit. Anyone know the diagnosis code for gluttony?

Is Tom suffering from a medical condition that has altered his ability to practice law in a legal manner? If so, what is his excuse for the cases lodged against him for the past 20 years? Did Erika knowingly file for divorce from her possibly mentally incapacitated husband who was apparently cognitive enough to transfer money to her “business account”? No one wants to hope someone isn’t well. But it would be really great if Tom had a legitimate explanation for stealing money from victims of a plane crash. Unfortunately, that explanation can be found in a trunk of latex leotards so Erika can pat the puss.

Here comes Tom’s defense, and honey, he needs one. There aren’t many cards to play here, so they are going for the most obvious. According to Page Six, Big Tommy’s lawyers said he suffered a “serious illness” in recent months for which he needed to be hospitalized. It’s funny how when people owe a bunch of money, all of a sudden they are sickly. “I’m sorry, Fofty. Because of this “serious illness”, Tom made a “serious mistake.” And, apparently, that’s why none of the Lion Air victims received their funds. ALLEGEDLY.


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Submitted documents on Tom’s behalf claim he “couched everything” related to his ongoing case due to his illness. And this caused him to be away from his law firm. And yes, the attorneys are saying his hospitalization was the “mistake” that caused some families to not be paid in full. Let’s do this together – SURE, JAN. Just out of curiosity, was Tom’s hospitalization the reason he didn’t pay his law partner? Was Big Tommy under medical care when he stopped paying for office equipment? Or is this a man trying to get out of a heinous crime with the sympathy factor?

This whole thing has an ick level of 11. Erika is going to claim ignorance even though EJ Global is named in the Boeing suit. Big Tommy is now going to start showing up with walkers and other durable medical equipment because all of a sudden he is frail. Please do not forget that there have been countless charges of non-payment against Tom since 1995. Fun fact: Tom’s daughter is married to a lawyer. Guess where her hubby works, Girardi Keese. It sucks when your own son-in-law can’t help out if you are indisposed and unable to pay clients you represented.


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While it’s natural to be sympathetic to anyone suffering from medical issues, the health angle was the next logical step in Tom’s defense. Hang in there because more examples of Tom neglecting to pay people who are owed money are coming out by the minute. Erika’s tenure as a Housewife could become unstable. It’s one thing to steal from a corporation, but when someone ALLEGEDLY grifts money from dead people’s families, fans will take their support elsewhere. Despite their age difference, Big Tommy and Erika might suffer from the same illness. Greed.


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