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Judge Stops Erika Jayne From Selling Her Clothes Online In The Midst Of Her Legal And Financial Struggles

As we head into the Christmas holiday, one person you won’t find decking the halls is Erika Jayne. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Catch Tom If You Can star would probably rather deck her soon-to-be ex-husband. Tom Girardi and Erika are in major trouble and Erika is doing the most to try and get out of it. After filing for divorce from Big Tommy, some very nasty scandals about Tom’s and Erika’s ALLEGED embezzling have emerged.

If you thought stealing money from innocent people was a drag, imagine telling the world an 81-year-old man is cheating on you. The crown is heavy darling, and you never wore it. Unsavory situations like assets being frozen, accidentally misplacing $2 million, and forced bankruptcy have lead Erika to… selling her clothes online so she can buy wig glue. Yes, Erika has sold things before, but never under the guise of desperation. And if you were waiting for a Chagall to pop up for the reasonable price of $74, you will have to continue waiting. Chicago courts have popped Erika’s pop up shop.

Another day of redemption for Dorit and PK Kemsley! Erika and Tom are suffering right now. You know who else is suffering? Indonesian families who lost a loved one in a plane crash and didn’t get their settlement money. A man in California burned over 70% of his body who didn’t receive his settlement money. And countless creditors who have remained without payments because Erika took Mikey and 50 trunks of spandex to a tiny city in Europe so Erika could pat the puss. ALLEGEDLY.

Erika launched her Hail Mary pass by exposing secret texts from Big Tommy and his lovah that are older than the combined ages of her glam squad. Nice try tho. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with this week! Until then, we must report that if you were trying to buy an ugly Versace sweater from 4 years ago that Erika wore to count the gold toilets in her house, you’re out of luck.


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According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Edelson PC asked a federal judge to order Erika to stop selling designer clothing amid “an effort to recover $2 million in missing money owed to people who lost loved ones in the Lion Air Flight 610 crash”. Erika isn’t inherently cold, you guys, her heat has been turned off. In addition, the request wants Erika to deposit any money made from her clothing sales since the date Tom’s assets were frozen.

When Erika promoted designer clothing for sale on social media, it triggered Edelson to ask U.S. District Judge Thomas Durkin to enforce his contempt order against Erika. They wrote that a link in her tweet connected users to the French company Vestiaire Collective. Check this out, “While Edelson is unaware of the exact relationship between Vestiaire Collective and Erika Girardi, Erika Girardi may be attempting to move Tom Girardi’s assets outside the United States by selling them through a French company,” lawyer Jay Edelson wrote. Dun, dun, DUNNNNNNNNNN.


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I’m not sure if Erika and Tom angered this judge in a former life. Nevertheless, this case is moving incredibly fast. Anyone and everyone associated with Tom would rather jump into hot lava than be connected to him at this point, including Erika and Big Tommy’s son-in-law who worked at Girardi Keese. But it might be too late for Erika because girlfriend is under investigation too. You can’t have an ALLEGED mysterious $20 million deposit into a corporate account with your name on it (EJ Global) and not have folks give it the side-eye. Raise your hand if you thought the proceeds of XXpen$ive made more than $1,000 on iTunes. This saga is far from over, but it appears we are currently on Chapter 7. Stay tuned!


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