Vanderpump Rules Lala Kent

Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Wrote A Book About Her Life

Other than the announcement of her pregnancyLala Kent has been largely out of the mix lately. Not something we’re used to seeing in the off season (or permanent cancellation?) of Vanderpump Rules. I miss the 50cent drama of yester-year. But alas. So far the only other thing she’s got cooking is a Cameo on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Side note: watching Lala and Katie Maloney-Schwartz try to hop from their Sur-ver show to a Housewives event was…sad. And a clear reminder of their station in life and Bravo.

Meanwhile, despite trying to pawn off her family moments for cash, turns out our Laler has been keeping herself busy in some unexpected ways.

The former hostess posted an announcement to Instagram today about her big news. The caption read, “I wrote a book. I replayed over and over in my mind, every story I wanted to tell. I wondered many times if I was ready to share things even those closest to me don’t know… turns out, I was ready. Ready for the first time ever to truly Give Them Lala.”

Yup. She’s really sticking to that “Give Them Lala” thing. She also appealed to fans to “click the link in her bio” to pre-order the new book. Don’t delay!


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If you’re like the many viewers who have already forgotten what exactly it is about Lala that may strike interest in her life story, don’t worry. People is reporting the book will be a collection of “humorous and brutally honest” essays. The memoir is said to cover Lala through her Utah childhood and into reality fandom and her career as an “actress.” Their words, not mine.

Lala said she wanted to write a book to help women not feel guilty about embracing their true selves. She shared, “I’ve learned the importance of sharing the most vulnerable parts of myself with the people I love.” So I guess she loves just literally anyone willing to spend money on whatever she’s shilling? I guess that tracks.


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The book will also include Lala’s very personal journey of getting sober after her father’s tragic death in 2018. Lala credits this major accomplishment for saving her life and relationship with Randall Emmett.
The new book is set to hit stands May 4, 2021. Can’t wait to see the reactions.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]