Vanderpump Rules Star Tom Sandoval Calls Out Ex Kristen Doute’s Book For “Inconsistencies” In Their Relationship

Being in quarantine has afforded us time to get to know the walls of our homes very well. We can avoid complete and total boredom by binge watching our favorite television shows or reading a novel or two. Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval has spent his down time frosting the tips of his hair and being five minutes away from going full Backstreet Boys retro. But Tom has also had an opportunity to cuddle up with some new material.

Tom happened to read a couple chapters from Kristen Doute’s “self-empowerment” effort. Before being fired from Pump Rules and dropped by her publishing company, Kristen had been touting her new book. Wanting women to “own their crazy“, Kristen wrote about her (former) fellow cast members and old boyfriends. One of those boyfriends was Tom and according to Sandy, some of Kristen’s memories might have been courtesy of artistic license.

From the sounds of it, The Number 1 Guy In That Group has been trying to stay busy. Tom and Ariana Madix are promoting their Fancy AF Cocktails book, which may contain a warehouse of information on getting drunk when your outside life is limited. But at least it’s a fancy type of drunk… Thankfully, Tom and Ariana have not chosen to participate in the somewhat disturbing Lifetime Presents the Pump Rules Pregnancy Pact because they do not function with a hive mind and poor decision-making mentality.

Recently Tom was on Watch What Happens Live and Andy Cohen asked him what he thought of He’s Making You Crazy, Kristen’s work of non-fiction. Us Weekly shared the details. Tom said, “I don’t even know where to begin with that book. I think she was just trying to sell copies.” The cover of Kristen’s book has a saying that reads, “How to get the guy, get even, and get over it”. The general public is still waiting for Kristen to do any one of those three things.


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While Kristen didn’t name names to protect the embarrassed innocent, there were a couple of scenarios Tom remembers vastly different from Kristen’s recollection. In one chapter, Kristen recounted a time when Tom allegedly refused to have sex with her. She wrote, “One night as he sat on our couch playing online poker for the eighth day in a row I put my foot down. Enough was enough. I got on my knees and just went for it. He was about to get the best blowjob of his life. And he pushed me away like a leper. I was wearing f—king lingerie! I was twenty-six, hot, skinny, and drop-dead gorgeous. He would rather get two-pair, aces high than a BJ from his model girlfriend.”

Okay, this is too easy. I wonder if this was before or after she banged his best friend on that very couch. What I will say is Kristen seems to have a very positive self-image. We got “hot”, “skinny”, “drop-dead gorgeous”, and “model girlfriend” all in one shot.


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But Tom says it kind of didn’t happen like that. “I read that part of it. It was just a lot of inconsistencies. First and foremost being our computer was in our living room and we always had a roommate. I don’t think I remember Kristen ever owning lingerie either.” In all fairness to Kristen, maybe Tom has just blocked the majority of that time in his life out.

In the end, Tom wishes Kristen the best of luck with her book, be it completely made up, embellished, or what her mind pieces together. He said, “It’s entertaining, I’m sure it’s an entertaining book.” Maybe Randall Emmett, the world’s greatest producer can option the book for a movie. Considering the fate of Vanderpump Rules is on incredibly shaky ground, especially with the newest restrictions in California, a pretend movie might be the only time the OG cast gets together again. Thank goodness for cocktails.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]