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Jackie Goldschneider Hopes Teresa Giudice Will Do “Less Bad Things” If She Is Happy In Relationship With Louie Ruelas

By all accounts, the Season 11 premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey is the one to watch. I feel like it has been approximately 3 years since we last visited the loving family of Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. Our very own Margaret Josephs is returning with an all new face look. Jennifer Aydin is coming back to make you feel bad about your sad home with only two bathrooms, and Dolores Catania will continue to co-sign everything that comes out of Teresa’s mouth.

In the past Teresa has been known for her somewhat… aggressive attitude. Basically it’s Teresa’s way or the highway and if you’re not on board, good luck. Perhaps Tre’s negativity could have been due in part to her jail sentence, her ex-husband’s deportation, or the loss of her parents. But someone turned Teresa’s frown upside down and his name is Louie Ruelas. Now Jackie Goldschneider hopes Teresa will be too distracted by Louie’s wallet love to come after her.

True love isn’t dead after all, ladies and gentlemen. Even after harrowing times that included the break up of a family, jail camp, and the passing of both her mom and dad, Teresa is finding happiness once again. And as an added bonus, her new love is over the age of 21! Lots of people are wondering if Tre’s swollen heart will soften her edges.

As it stands, Teresa’s castmates appear to like her boyfriend. I mean, do they have a choice? Jackie in particular believes if Teresa can find love and happiness, maybe she’ll give everyone else a break. Jackie says fans will get the chance to see a “new” Teresa and Us Weekly has the details. Teresa will be shown in a different light on Season 11 because the weight of Juicy Joe’s lawsuits are safely stashed in Italy. She has also had some time to grieve her parents and heal from such an emotional loss. And oh, the new guy helps.


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Jackie feels maybe Teresa’s course attitude could be attributed to her unhappy personal life. “I think only unhappy people do bad things, so I’m hoping that if she’s a happy person, she’ll do less bad things,” Jackie said. She has yet to meet Louie but Melissa and Joe Gorga have double dated with the couple. “It’s new. It’s the beginning, so you never know. He seems like a nice guy, so we’ll see what happens,” Melissa explained.

Naturally Dolores loves Louie because who is Dolores in this world if she isn’t complimenting Teresa’s every move? “When you find a man to be gentle with you and you’ve been so hard your whole life — you’ve had to survive, you’ve detached yourself from things and you can’t get emotional because then you’re not going to survive walking into a jail or you’re not going to survive a crazy divorce — you have to detach your feelings,” Dolores shared. Did Teresa grow up on the war torn streets of Bosnia or in New Jersey? I was unaware of her tragic life before meeting Louie, save for the whole knowingly committing fraud thing.


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Dolores echoed Jackie’s sentiment and agreed that a different Tre will be shown. “We’re going to see a different side of Teresa after all of this,” she said. Well bring it on and get ready for Single Teresa! This season expect to see marriage troubles, people suffering from PTSD due to flying utensils, and no Danielle Staub. Prepare the Bellinis and the fambily, RHONJ returns to Bravo tomorrow night at 9pm!


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