Dina Manzo Says Jackie Goldschneider Owes Gia Giudice A Public Apology For Referencing Her In An Argument With Teresa Giudice

Jackie Goldschneider delivered the analogy heard around the world during last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 11 premiere episode. Or at least the Bravo world. In response to Teresa Giudice refusing to take back the cheating accusations against Evan Goldschneider, Jackie said “Gia [Giudice] does cocaine in the bathroom at parties.” She wanted Teresa to understand the pain that she felt. However, Teresa just saw red and said the “C” word several times before storming out of Margaret Josephs‘ house.

Many people wondered why Jackie just didn’t bring up the cheating claims against Teresa to create a better analogy. Or even the cheating claims against Joe Giudice. Others are just confused by Teresa’s confusion. Dorinda Medley called out Jackie for being “the lowest of the lowest.” Margaret, Melissa Gorga, and Jennifer Aydin condemned Jackie for mentioning Gia. Jackie maintained that she had zero regrets. And, ironically, she said that “children and husbands are off-limits.” There’s a ton to unpack and many Housewives are speaking out, even a former New Jersey Housewife.

 Let’s back things up a teeny bit. After the episode, Gia shared a post from Appian Entertainment to her Instagram Story. Teresa shared a screenshot of the same post on Twitter. I had no idea who this person was, but according to her bio, her name is Karianne Fischbach and she’s a business manager for Teresa and Dorobics, Dorinda’s endeavor that never quite got off the ground.

In her post (that Gia and Teresa shared), this woman wrote, “Gia is a wonderful, smart, strong and beautiful human being and what was done to her tonight was wrong on so many levels. For a grown ass ‘I’m so so smart I’m a lawyer’ woman to bring Gia’s name into an argument & place an accusation with such a weighted consequence is inconceivable. I cannot fathom what would possess someone to create a false narrative that could have severe consequences for the innocent party involved, a 19 year old at the time, who was in no way involved in anything. What the cast members choose to do to each other is the nature of the reality TV beast, this was [too] far.”


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She concluded, “I hope apologies are made and I hope family sticks together on this one. I’d have a hard time supporting a friend who did that to my niece, #justsayin.” That last part was an obvious shot at Gia’s uncle Joe Gorga (who has said nothing) and Melissa Gorga who has shared her take on Jackie’s analogy. Oh and the “just sayin” just makes me think of Danielle Staub during Seasons 1 and 2 when she used to use that phrase all the time.

In the caption for her rant about Jackie, Teresa’s business manager wrote, “I know it was an analogy, I’m saying 100 other analogies could have made sense.” Teresa’s new man Luis “Louie” Ruelas liked the post. She commented with some red hearts. And then, Dina Manzo entered the chat. She wrote, “My blood is boiling.”


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Then in her Instagram Story, Dina posted, “I did NOT watch but totally agree a GROWN woman should never use an analogy like this about a minor EVER. Especially about our beautiful Gia Giudice. Jackie needs to make a PUBLIC apology immediately.” For the record, Gia is not a minor. Perhaps, Dina should watch something before commenting.

Regardless, Jackie should have used a different analogy. For the millionth time, yes I get her point, but girl, keep Gia out of this. What Jackie said was wrong. What Teresa said was wrong. But, wow, what an electric start to the season. I cannot wait for the next episode.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]