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Jen Shah Claimed She Spends $50K A Month In Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Audition Tape; Husband Sharrieff Shah Says “She’s Two Types Of Crazy”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is filming their second season and I’ll go ahead and say it will be amazing. We’ll have crime. We’ll have scandal. We’ll have Mary Cosby quietly chuckling to herself beneath the depths of fake Yves Saint Laurent voile blouses in her closet. Going into the first season, Jen Shah seemed to get the most attention. She was kind of… insane at times. It was almost as if Jen took a crash course in how to bring the most drama and passed with a 4.0 GPA.

But Jen went the extra mile. Not only did she get her fair share of media attention, she managed to score a quintessential accessory only a few Housewives have – a mug shot. On the bright side, Jen was in full glam when she was arrested, so it will be more like a smug shot. Per the usual Housewife rhetoric, Jen isn’t exactly humble about her affluent lifestyle. Her RHOSLC audition video has resurfaced and now we get our first taste of how Jen spent other people’s money. Allegedly.

Last week Jenny From the Cell Block and her assistant Stuart Smith (aka Stu Chainz) were popped and charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Greed is a terrible drug. Fellow Housewife and alleged #teamembezzlement member Erika Jayne may or may not agree. Basically Jen and Stu ran a scam telemarketing biz and managed to pilfer cash from a largely elderly clientele. Legal documents show the duo have been up to no good since about 2012. Thankfully, the amount of spam calls I receive on a daily basis have reduced by about 75% since they were… detained.

Yesterday on Twitter, Jen’s audition video popped up. Watching the clip, I once again wondered why someone engaging in criminal activities would volunteer to put their life on television. Stupid is gonna stupid. Jen starts off by saying she relates better with “females who work”. “The ones that just sit home and don’t do anything, I don’t play well with girls like that.” Maybe the “females who don’t work” relate better with people who don’t steal? Jen adds, “I had to work my ass off here in Utah.” Uh-huh, she worked her ass straight into federal court.


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Jen says she lives in a gated community and mentions that her husband travels a lot. Jen confesses to no less than 20 pieces of luggage when the family travels – with 17 pieces belonging to her. Shocking. Obviously she needs extra storage to carry her freshly laundered money. ALLEGEDLY. Then a photo of poor, I’m sure completely innocent and unknowing, Sharrieff Shah and their son in front of a private plane pops up. I wonder if the feds took a private plane to Utah to snatch her into custody?

Coach Shah quips, “I’m telling you boy, she’s two types of crazy now.” Somewhere Heather Gay is just silently nodding. Regarding Jen’s affinity for the finer things, Sharrieff mentions, “My wife’s shopping habits can be in and of itself a daily source of my drama.” Foreshadowing, party of one – your table is ready! It ends with Jen saying, “I probably spend at least $50 grand a month.” Oh my. ON WHAT? Clothes? High-tech blenders? Cash to keep the one assistant who had the blurred face on camera quiet? It’s all very telling. Raise your hand if you don’t trust Jen.


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