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Fans Roast Jen Shah For Getting Glam Prior To Arraignment; Shah Squad Says Jen’s “#Unarrested”

Jen Shah has been a total anomaly since her first scene on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Her husband, Coach Shah, was MIA all the time, and she seemed to fill the void with several assistants called the “Shah Squad.” She bragged about her fancy house, wore full glam every day and was never filmed working and making money, just spending it. Jen’s first season was filled with blowups. She accused Mary Cosby of “effing her grandpa” because she told Jen she smelled like hospital. She blew up on anyone and everyone.

And on Tuesday, the story took an even crazier turn when Jen and her assistant Stuart Smith were accused of being involved in a long-running telemarketing scheme. The two are facing federal charges for conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering after conning “hundreds” of victims in a decade-long scam, according to the NYPD. Hey, at least now we have a concrete answer as to how she got so rich. 

Jen seems to have a few similarities with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, fraud accusations aside — one being a complete lack of self-awareness. Jen is prepping to head into a virtual court hearing on Friday after the first one was rescheduled because more than 250 people called in to get the tea. And apparently, she thought the best thing to do to prepare was to get her hair done. And no, I wish I was making this up.

Jen’s hair stylist @hairbyendo posted a video of Jen getting her hair done prior to her arraignment, in head-to-toe Gucci to top it off. It was captioned, “Baby fresh out and had to come get laid and slayed by the silkpress queen of Utah #unarrested #priorities #shahsquad.” Best of Bravo shared the post on Instagram, and fans couldn’t help but roast Jen for being so tone-deaf. “In her STOLEN Gucci tracksuit,” one fan wrote. “She has to get it done before her assets are frozen,” another said. Plenty of commenters were appalled at the caption, with one saying that “her stylist isn’t doing her any favors.”


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Jen is taking a page from Erika Jayne’s book of continuing life, and glam, as usual despite being involved in fraud lawsuits. And fans are reacting the same way by being grossed out that Jen is flaunting her wealth on social media that she’s accused of obtaining illegally. “Spend someone else’s hard earned money on that weave, girl. The nerve,” someone wrote. “Wow still spending the money she scammed from people, I see,” another said.

It’s really not a good look. And like an Instagram user in the comments said, the judge might use this post against her.”Tell me you don’t give a f*ck without saying you don’t give a f*ck,” one fan wrote in the comments.


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Jen has always given off real-life Disney villain vibes, but she’s taken it to a whole new level. From secretly fat-shaming her supposed BFF Heather Gay to berating her “squad,” Jen is proving everyone right that she is just as extra when the cameras aren’t rolling. She’s a real-life Cruella de Vil, down to the leopard boots she wore to the courthouse and her half-hearted attempt to run when she was allegedly tipped off about the arrest. And thanks to this ridiculous post of getting glammed up for court, it looks like fans are on the same page as Brooks Marks for once.


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