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Kenya Moore “Felt Bad” Watching Drew Sidora’s Son On Real Housewives Of Atlanta; Questions Drew’s “Family Celebration” That Involved Native American Outfit

Aside from the Bolo of it all, the current Real Housewives of Atlanta season wasn’t as drama-filled as years past. Sure, NeNe Leakes has burned bridges with Bravo, Andy Cohen, and most of her former co-stars, but the woman always gave us something to complain about talk about.

Once again, Kenya Moore carried the season on her back (in terms of drama) with newbies Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali trying their best to make some waves. During the reunion, Kenya and Drew got into it multiple times. Meanwhile, Cynthia Bailey didn’t say much else other than “Hi Andy.” How is she a part of the Real Housewives All Stars season? Can someone explain that one?

Drew started tearing up over a retweet from Kenya which related to Drew’s son Josiah’s reluctance to reunite with his birth father. Kenya also came for Drew for wearing a Native American outfit and not facing the same heat that Kenya did. Drew said she wore it for a family event. Kenya said her own family was from West Virginia so her look was an ode to her heritage as well, which I didn’t quite get.

And, then, Kenya, in the midst of filming this Real Housewives All Stars series managed to make time to drag Drew some more on Twitter.


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A fan told Kenya, “Although I think Drew has some issues, I think it would be unwise to go at her about her family not all living under one roof. Especially since @KenyaMoore’s husband doesn’t live with her either.” In response, Kenya said, “That was my point. She said her family was under one roof trying to take a dig at me and my family. #RHOA.”

Then, she shared a screenshot of the post she retweeted, which said, “This conversation with Drew’s son is so cringey… let that baby go play Minecraft or something.” Along with that screenshot, Kenya said, “Here is the tweet I liked. I actually felt bad for her son seeing how uncomfortable he was and viewers felt the same way. It’s my opinion as a mother and she asked. I never said anything bad about her son. Don’t drag me into it to have a fake beef with me.”


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Kenya continued to prove that she’s a reality TV all star, sharing that photo of Drew and writing, “Does this look like a ‘family celebration’? Drew is weird and obvious pathological liar. She dressed as an Indian for Halloween. I unfortunately dressed as a Native American for which I apologized. Cultural appropriation is wrong period #receipts #RHOA.”

When a fan said, “Kenya brought a whole camera crew on her mother’s doorstep unannounced and she had the nerve to come at Drew for filming the conversation with her son’s father. Girlll, be gone,” Kenya added, “Comprehension is key. The scene was involving a CHILD, not 2 grown adults. #IsaidwhatIsaidAndmeantIT.”


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