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Kenya Moore Body-Shames Drew Sidora After Drew Suggests Kenya’s Butt Is Fake; Kenya Says Drew Has “Begged” To Be On Real Housewives Of Atlanta For 3 Years And Production Paid For Private Jet, Not Drew’s Husband Ralph Pittman

It’s been abundantly clear this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta that Kenya Moore and newbie Drew Sidora are just not going to get along. It’s kind of sad, considering Drew used to look up to Kenya, but meeting her was a total “disappointment.” Kenya and her bestie, maybe her girlfriend according to Drew, Latoya Ali came for Drew’s wig early on. Since then, they’ve gone back and forth, but things took a turn for the nasty this week.

During this week’s RHOA, Drew was in charge of a cast trip to New Orleans. She had the girls do a booty-shaking competition for who would get the best room. Kenya, who we know loves to utilize her power as host to make the girls compete for rooms, turned into a negative Nancy and essentially snatched a room key out of Drew’s hand.

Drew made the joke that Kenya “paid for a booty” so she should “bounce it.” While Kenya has denied getting plastic surgery and probably will till the day she dies, there have been rumors that her booty isn’t real. And it’s been a running joke between the other girls, particularly from her enemy Porsha Williams. 

Well, Kenya was upset about the comment and took to Twitter to take a low-blow at Drew’s appearance. She quote tweeted someone referencing Drew’s comment about her butt and wrote “she needs to pay for a tummy tuck” accompanied by a photo of Drew in her latest confessional look. So unnecessary. While it’s not fair for the girls to take about Kenya’s body, she really is suggesting someone needs plastic surgery after all these years of denial.  Just own your sh*t girl and don’t tear down anyone else.

Prior to Kenya’s tweet, Drew subtweeted Kenya’s bad attitude on the trip. “It was a simple, fun game. Can we have some fun in New Orleans? #bootybounce,” she wrote. Drew just really wanted Kenya to play along, but Kenya definitely took it to another level.


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Fans on Twitter were divided over Kenya’s comment, with some slamming her for body shaming. “Kenya I love you but there’s no need to body shame her,” one fan wrote. “Way. Way to physically body shame another woman/mother. Good lead example on your platform,” another said.

But others said that Drew brought bodies into it first by being shady about Kenya’s behind. “Didn’t you get upset of the Buffalo comment? And you’re telling a mother of three to get a tummy tuck,” one user wrote. Someone responded, “Didn’t Drew tell her to bounce that fake ass. Drew mentioned bodies first, all bets off. See this is why I warned her to watch what she say.”


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And another fan pointed out that it’s “weird how people act like they don’t hear the digs people throw at Kenya, but get mad when she responds.” Honestly, they bring up a good point — just because someone is the show’s villain doesn’t make them a punching bag. But Kenya did take this whole thing pretty mean-spiritedly. Drew was just trying to have fun and fit in with her newfound twerking skills she acquired at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. As Drew says, maybe Kenya’s just still upset she didn’t get with Bolo that night.

But Drew’s hands aren’t totally clean on Twitter, as she was pretty open about shading Kenya for her terrible hosting skills. “We just bought a 1.5 million dollar house and she’s talking about renting a PJ,” Drew tweeted. And of course, Miss Moore responded asserting her dominance. “I’ve hosted great trips from Mexico, Greece, Miami… I set the bar. Drew has begged to be a HW for 3 years.. while I pay for my own PJs and she lies and says it was her husband when it was production. I bow down to no one  I am the prototype,” Kenya tweeted. And that’s exactly why she truly is a blueprint of housewives villains.


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This feud will likely feed into the reunion, especially because Kenya retweeted a fan saying they can’t wait for her to go after Drew at the show. As Drew says, Kenya does seem to love to put on for the cameras, and she’s a master at reading people. She should just try to do it without tearing down their bodies and appearances because that’s definitely not cute. Especially because Drew’s been open about experiencing body shamed as an actress, including one time by Nicki Minaj. 

Kenya’s dig about Drew’s wait just comes a week after she was under-fire for wearing a culturally-insensitive outfit for Halloween. She really needs to check herself — she’s starting to rack up controversies like Kelly Dodd. 


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