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Ramona Singer And Kenya Moore Allegedly Feuding While Filming Real Housewives All Stars Show

It looks like All-Stars might turn into the Main Event. What did you expect when the biggest fame whores personalities on Bravo all get together under the same luxurious roof? It appears everything is going according to the network’s dastardly plan. Dropping seven ladies in the middle of paradise with clear sparkling waters, an abundance of alcohol, and the lingering scent of dry shampoo can only lead to one thing…

DING, DING, DING! Cats and kittens, in this corner we have Real Housewives of New York OG, Ramona “The Apologizer” Singer coming in at a petite 5’5″. She is allegedly battling none other than Real Housewives of Atlanta diva, Kenya “White Refrigerator” Moore with her impressive 5’10” frame. If you believe the rumors coming out of Turks & Caicos, our beloved Ramona may or may not have kicked some sand in the wrong faces. Call your Vegas guy because it’s the legend versus the icon and sparks are sure to fly in the first Real Housewives crossover event, the War of Cockburn Town.

All-Stars might be Bravo’s worst kept secret. Speculation is rampant over who is fighting over the remaining two sips of a fruity Boone’s Farm and… the best room. When the cast was announced, it’s fair to say some eyebrows were raised. No one really understands why Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga is there and god bless Cynthia Bailey, but, why? Most ladies teamed up with another from their franchise except Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But don’t worry about Kyle, she has hoop earrings and frozen margs.

As photos began trickling out showing lots of skin and what life is like in the fast lane, we’re also getting the goss. Journalist, Anthony Dominic has been particularly accurate with his info and is getting the leaks out. If you’re wondering who Anthony is in dis world, he used to work at TMZ, so the connections are most likely legit. Anthony has been busy doing the Lord’s work by handing out free scoops and recently posted to Twitter, “Y’all aren’t even ready for what’s going to happen when the ladies get to Turks and have to pick rooms. I’ve already been told about some shady stuff in play.”


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Why Anthony, I for one am SHOCKED. Could Ramona possibly make a grand entrance in a cloud of entitlement and privilege? I mean, duh. The next day, Anthony shared this nugget, “The Housewives have arrived at the house in Turks & Caicos. I’m told Ramona instantly ran to get the best bedroom and has pissed off the other women. She has already called Kenya a bitch and they haven’t even been there for an hour. Buckle up!!” And there it is, my friends. The first rule of fight club is not to call Kenya a bitch. Someone get a priest because Kenya will read Ramona to her grave.

‘Ol Tony must have an insider on the premises because he amended his previous post, “Update: Ramona did NOT get the best room.” Oh shit, I hope it has a/c wherever she wound up. Greetings from the lower level, y’all! As an extra bonus, Anthony shared this brief clip of dun, dun, dunnnnn, A DINNER. Please note Ramona is sitting by herself in Nowhereland. Bet Jill Zarin would look pretty good to her about now, amirite?


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So that’s what we know thus far in filming, but the saga continues! Will Kyle’s muumuu game suffer in the wake of Cynthia’s vast caftan collection? Will Melissa be the target of flying utensils? And finally, will Kenya Summer Moore take Ramona Mazur Singer down a few notches with the aid of the Kenya Moore Hair Care Marching Band? Stay tuned because the War of Cockburn Town isn’t over yet.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]