Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap: Unwrapping Porsha’s Return To Kandi Land

Say what you want about the season, but the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion is DELIVERING. These ladies are firing on all cylinders and are out for blood in the dungeon. The moment LaToya Ali stepped onto the stage at the end of last week’s episode, it was game on. She and Drew Sidora are about to go ten rounds in the battle of the newbies. They both practically carried the second half of the season. Fans owe them a deep debt of gratitude.

With Marlo Hampton finally appearing during this part of the reunion, the fireworks are sure to continue. There’s a lot to unpack with the fallout of she and Porsha Williams ending their friendship. What was the actual cause of it? Would Porsha really scrap the friendship because Marlo reunited with Kenya Moore? That has to be the most petty thing of all time. Anyone should be able to be friends with whomever they wish. STOP with the fakery.

Battle Of The Newbies

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap:

I forgot how hard they came for Drew’s wig at the beginning of the season. It was dreadful, but damn these girls really went in. They were throwing mounds of shade at her from the first moment she showed up.

LaToya says the wig was the primary reason for her initially disliking Drew. I want to hate that because it’s so petty, but I love the pettiness of it all. There’s been so many dark seasons of Housewives lately with such serious issues. This is a needed reprieve from that. These newbies worked hard for their checks this season.

However, LaToya doesn’t feel like she is constantly coming after Drew. Once Drew made a comment about LaToya not caring about husbands, the gloves were off. That lit the fire under LaToya, and we were treated to a season of back and forth shade.

There were a few moments where it felt like they might’ve become friends. Multiple times throughout the season it felt like they were on the verge of patching things up. What is it that prevents them from remaining on peaceful terms?

Cynthia Bailey chimes in to say that this group has a history of shading each other about their hair. That’s so true. That’s just how this group is. It’s really not that serious. I’ve noticed though that Drew is far too sensitive about anything directed toward her. She blows every little thing up into the end of the world, and that’s not how you reach longevity in this group.

Kenya accuses Drew of trying to discredit her and belittle her company after LaToya shaded her wig. Why would she tag Kenya’s company in a tweet attacking her? You are on a reality show and are bound to have petty disagreements. It’s a natural part of being on the show. However, there’s no reason to drag someone’s professional business into it. Ugh.

Girl Crush

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap:

The sexual chemistry between LaToya & Kenya is off the charts. Every time these two were on screen together, it got HOT in the room. I don’t know if they ever fooled around, but if they did, good for them! They are sexual electricity personified.

Kenya’s crush has dissipated because she’s disappointed in LaToya for many reasons. She says there isn’t enough time in the reunion to talk about why. What went down? I bet she saw things LaToya said to the other women behind her back. When the show airs, you get to see who really has your back when you’re not around.

Kenya has an issue that LaToya didn’t have her back when she was attacked by everyone at dinner in South Carolina. As her good friend she felt like LaToya should’ve spoken up when everyone came after her. Kenya is more than capable of fighting her own battles, but it was jarring to see LaToya sit silent. LaToya was going out of her way to play the fence throughout the season.

Kandi Burruss was surprised at how quickly Kenya took to liking LaToya. Typically, Kenya isn’t a fan of new people, so this was out of the norm. Well, look how it ended. It fizzled out almost as quickly as it started. You have to wonder if they really did do anything together because of how deep the hurt is.

Kenya says she has never seen LaToya naked or seen anything inappropriate when it comes to her. LaToya refutes this by claiming she saw Kenya’s booty, but it wasn’t in that type of way. I don’t think they did either. It was mostly just harmless flirting on both ends.

Drew tells everyone she felt a connection between LaToya & Drew, so she knew something was going on. LaToya takes the opportunity to drop a bomb that Drew cheated on her husband with LaToya. They kissed! WELL DAMN.

The idea of being connected to LaToya in any manner sends Drew into a frenzy. She vehemently denies ever kissing LaToya in any capacity. Despite all of her denials, both Kenya & Kandi swear it happened. According to Kandi, Porsha also admitted to witnessing a kiss between Drew & LaToya.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nobody’s business who Drew chooses to kiss. If she wants to kiss another woman, all the power to her. What makes it problematic is the way she came at LaToya for not being faithful to her husband. What does that make Drew? The hypocrisy is too much!

LaToya is taken to task about spilling Kenya’s business about her divorce to the other women. Kenya tells her to stop acting dumb because she knew how the group felt about Kenya. FACTS. Anyone with a brain cell knows that Porsha & Drew are NOT Kenya’s friends. Why would LaToya think it’s acceptable to give ammunition to these ladies? She knew exactly what she was doing.

Kenya accuses Porsha of grooming Drew all along to do her bidding. Even if that was true, the case could be made that Kenya was doing the same with LaToya. Both Porsha & Kenya used the newbies to have a go at the other. They’ve been fighting for so long now, I guess they’re becoming more creative with their attacks.

LaToya recognizes how she came across two faced when the show aired. Being self aware is the first step in changing your ways. Being Switzerland is one thing because when you play that role, you’re staying out of the drama. What LaToya did though was stir s**t up with both sides and act dumb about it. Nobody wants to be friends with someone like that.

Nieces & Aunties United

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap:

Marlo & Shamea Morton join the ladies for the first time at the reunion. Marlo’s reunion outfit is one of the single most iconic reunion looks of all time. I don’t care what anyone else thinks about that. I said what I said. It is what it is. Who needs oxygen to survive when Marlo’s giving us that much LIFE?

Andy Cohen asks Shamea which of the women is the most auntie of everyone. Now, I would have to say Cynthia. That has to be the popular answer among viewers right? Shamea names Marlo as the biggest auntie, but we all know that’s out of pure spite. Shamea has becoming nothing more than another soldier for Porsha. Period.

Marlo said she DID have lipo, but she claims that’s not why her back was sore. Why do they think she lied? She’s openly admitting to having the procedure, so what is their point? Shamea’s antics are TIRED.

The Worst Hostess Who Ever Lived

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap:

Andy questions why Kenya wouldn’t order food for everyone on the Charleston trip. She has to be the worst host I’ve ever seen. She had nothing planned for the women to do on that trip. It was a snoozefest until the stripper showed up.

Kenya’s asked why she brought her daughter on the trip when she can clearly afford a nanny to watch her in Atlanta. Listen, I can’t fault her for not leaving her child in a different state with a new nanny. If she’s not comfortable doing that, there’s no reason to shame her for it.

Did she tell the other women they COULDN’T bring their kids? Everyone was in such an uproar about it, but I don’t recall anyone making the effort to do so. They simply saw Kenya’s daughter was there and Porsha/ Kandi threw fits about it. At any point they could have arranged for their child to be there.

Kenya makes a GREAT point about Kandi’s issue with not having her child present on the trip. Kandi arranged for a “dick in the box” to be there for their sexual viewing pleasure. If she was able to make that happen, why couldn’t she make it possible for her daughter to be there? BOOM.

There’s more than what meets the eye with this because it boils down to a production issue. If Kenya would’ve told them she was bringing her daughter, the other ladies could’ve asked production if they could do the same.

Kandi is visibly annoyed that the women aren’t able to fully explain the reality of the situation. Of course, Andy moves on because it’s likely a bad look for production to get dragged by the women.

Porsha wants it to be known that Kenya isn’t a better mother than anyone else. She just had opportunities to appear that way. Not everyone in the group was afforded the same luxury.

Kandi says she was always told not to bring her kids on these vacations. I can see why production would say that. This trip especially. Who wants their young child present for a man with a giant penis gyrating around the living room?

Having her daughter there felt like more of a cop out to avoid interacting with the group according to Kandi. If she could focus on her child, she wouldn’t have to interact with everyone. It’s literally her job to film with the women and do the damn show. If you can’t do that job, find a different line of work. Nobody deserves special treatment.

Drew didn’t understand why she was asked to keep a secret from the group about the private plane. Why can’t Drew just own up to being messy. I hate when a Housewife acts like they’re above the rest and don’t admit to what their intentions are.

Kenya says she was extra nice to Drew in the events leading up to the trip. She claims she even checked on Drew because of the “body issues” she was having at the time. Welp. That’s all it takes for Drew to come unglued once again and find an opening to make a huge issue out of nothing.

I honestly don’t think Kenya meant the words “body issues” in the way she said it. However, Drew takes the floor to educate everyone on her painful symptoms associated with her reproductive symptom.

The singing at the meal between Kenya & Drew was so uncomfortable to watch. Why did Drew take that opportunity to go into a full musical? It wasn’t even good singing either. My ears felt like they were bleeding. So much bleeding.

The Most Controversial Wedding Of All Time

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap:

Oh YAY! We get a whole segment on Cynthia’s irresponsible wedding. How much fun! I tried to forget Cynthia’s wedding took up so much of the early season. Is it wrong to wish it would’ve gotten cancelled or postponed to a SAFER period of time.

Andy reads off tweets DRAGGING Cynthia for this wedding. Kandi’s the only person in the group who says she would’ve gone through with the wedding like Cynthia. Nobody else will ever cop to that even if they would’ve. That’s such a bad look. The last thing anyone wants is to get bashed by viewers the way Cynthia has.

Cynthia’s relationship with her father is still in the toilet. Speaking about him on the show has caused their distance to grow. I guess it won’t help matters that she’s sitting at the reunion talking about it again.

Luckily for all of us, this is the end of the Cynthia wedding portion of things. For something that took up so much of the season, they moved on from it rather quickly.

Porsha’s Return To Kandi Land

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap:

They move to a video package about the history of Porsha & Kandi’s friendship. They played the reunion clip from season 9 of Kandi screaming about being accused of possible rape. I LET OUT THE CRAZIEST AUDIBLE NOISE. OH MY GOD. Why are the showing that?

This entire video package seems designed to throw a wedge in their friendship again. The shadiness of production with this is through the f**king roof. I’m sweating from this!

Marlo feels like the dungeon party brought Kandi & Porsha closer together. She’s obviously implying like Kandi had dirt on Porsha. Speak on it!

It’s Marlo & Porsha’s relationship that changed for the worse after that tripped. Making up with Kenya put the nail in that friendship forever. It won’t ever be the same.

Kenya thinks that Kandi should keep one eye open for Porsha because of what’s gone on in the past. That’s smart advice. I never thought of it the way Marlo did, but now that’s the only thing coming to my mind. Porsha TOTALLY made an effort to get closer to Kandi after the dungeon party. Kandi is that powerful!

Andy asks what actually went down on the coffee table. I’ve been dying to know that myself! It sounds to me like LaToya got the munchies, and Porsha was her snack. She got the yummy yummy yum.

Marlo says there’s an elephant in the room, and she wants it addressed ASAP. She demands to know why the friendship with Porsha altered so much after the South Carolina trip. Good question. Was it making up with Porsha’s mortal enemy Kenya?

Porsha refutes this and states between the trip and the Pumpkin Patch, they were still in a good place. The differing versions of events are confusing, but I definitely think it changed when she made up with Kenya. Marlo and Kenya coming back together as friends must’ve felt like the ultimate betrayal.

Porsha won’t actually say her version of what actually changed between them. Well that’s total bulls**t. We’re getting nowhere with her. Porsha is lying through her teeth. She will never admit the real reason she backed off of Marlo. Also, why is Shamea even there? She’s the most irrelevant person on the stage at the reunion. Besides random noises and faces, what is she adding to this?


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