Lala Kent Gets Candid About Decision To Have Abortion In Her 20s In Her Book; Hopes It Will Help Others

Vanderpump Rules is finally returning after an extended hiatus. It has been a long time coming, but the Rona dictated most of our actions over the past year and definitely put a crimp in some of our favorite shows. Lala Kent is one of the few veteran cast who wasn’t pink-slipped during the Pump Rules exodus. You can say a lot about Lala because she doesn’t hide much, and that’s what keeps viewers interested.

Lala has definitely provided some shocking television moments over the years. Mistakes have been made and lessons have been learned, but we’re all human. We see people navigating life, love, and the abundance of vodka through the lens of a camera during an edited 60 minutes, thanks to Bravo. It’s easy to forget the struggles or emotional turmoil anyone on our televisions might have suffered prior to playing the fame game. In her new book, Lala revealed an extremely sensitive decision she made during a particularly dicey time in her life. Now she shares why she opened up about a personal choice, and her hope that it will help others.

If you thought Lala’s book was filled with NSFW clichés about how she got that Range Rover, you would be correct, but she also included some very important issues. Of course she wrote about alcoholism, her relationship with Randall Emmett, and VPR – but Lala revealed something else. Us Weekly details an excerpt discussing Lala’s decision to end a pregnancy. Abortion isn’t a pretty word and literally no woman wakes up in the morning wanting one. It’s a highly controversial subject but it’s necessary, especially if you have a uterus. Give Them Lala might not be a Pulitzer Prize winning novel, but Lala’s experience could benefit other women.

When Lala was 22 years old, she found herself pregnant. Her boyfriend at the time allegedly ghosted her and would not take her calls, so Lala made a very tough decision. “I couldn’t even bring myself to say the word. I’d always felt weird saying it,” she said. Along with her mother, Lala went to the Planned Parenthood facility in Utah for the procedure. “I’d had no sedation or anesthesia, and was fully aware of what was happening. Tears streamed down my face from the pain.”


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Lala 100% questioned herself before exposing her ordeal. “My publisher even said, like, ‘Are you really wanting to write about this? Because you may not get the feedback that you think you might get’.” she said. “It’s not something that I am proud of, but again, it happened and there are women and girls that are dealing with that and facing that choice every single day. So, if I can make it a little, I don’t even want to say easier, but if I can make them feel a little bit more at peace with it, then I’m happy. Even if it’s just one girl.”

In the book, Lala said her mother advised taking the abortion “to [her] grave.” Lala opened up because, “I am a woman, and this is my body. No one will ever tell me what to do with it.” She ultimately felt “this is something that needs to be spoken about.” While many of Lala’s friends and family share the same opinion on the issue, she realizes not everyone does.


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“I feel like we are where we are in this world because people are so nervous to talk about things that make them uncomfortable. So we’re mentioning it, we’re talking about it, and people can love it, hate it, or learn something from it. It is what it is,” Lala added. This is a very real issue that impacts women’s health care and the topic remains relevant. Hopefully Lala sharing her experience will be able to provide comfort or support to anyone finding themselves in a similar position.


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