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Lala Kent Put Randall Emmett’s Toothbrush Up Her Butt And Threw His Belongings In The Pool When They Were In A Fight

Lala Kent may be considered a veteran on Vanderpump Rules these days, she has worn a few new hats recently. She just gave birth to her first child with Randall Emmett in the recent string of Pump Rules births as part of the very real pregnancy pact. And now she’s an author — just releasing a memoir about her life and journey.

It’s far from a novel idea for a Bravolebrity to release a book, especially these days. It does seem like Lala’s a bit young to be writing a memoir on her entire life. But her journey of sobriety and motherhood is probably quite the story to tell. And she might as well milk her time left on VPR, because who knows how long the show will even be around.

Like I said, Lala is a sober mama now living her best life. But in her book, she goes into some of her darkest moments, mostly fueled by drinking. Page Six revealed that Lala makes some pretty shocking revelations in Give Them Lala about how she would argue with Randall when she was in an “alcoholic fog.”

Apparently once when the couple was in Miami, Lala was so mad at Randall that she threw his clothes, shoes and toiletries and threw them in the pool. And this was, and I quote, “before taking his toothbrush and putting it in my a—hole.” Now that’s one way to fight dirty.


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Randall was seemingly none the wiser, and Lala writes that she couldn’t help but start to crack up when she saw the movie producer brushing his teeth. He asked what was so funny and she snapped back, “That was just in my a—hole.” Old Lala really was a savage. “I’m sad to say that was not my lowest point,” she wrote.

Page Six followed up with Lauren from Utah about the statement, mostly curious about which end of the toothbrush was the victim. “Oh honey, if I’m putting your toothbrush in my ass, I’m not half-assing it, no pun intended. We’re going with the side that you’re putting in your mouth,” she said. “I’m such a dick when I drink. Thank God I stopped.”


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While Lala definitely has toned down her antics now that she’s sober, she’s not totally done with her savage ways. She recently had some choice words to say about Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy and her own shady antics. Lala and Scheana Shay haven’t been on the best terms in recent months either. But motherhood is bringing out a softer side of Lala, and she is allegedly already ready for more babies with Rand. It will undoubtedly be a major storyline in Season 9 of VPR, whatever that’s going to look like.


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