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Stassi Schroeder Claims Lala Kent Pulled A Knife On Faith Stowers While Cameras Were Rolling

Do you wonder if the messy boots worn by cast members on Vanderpump Rules is less about the individual and more about who is protecting the individual? Exhibit A: former Pump Rules star, Stassi Schroeder. Stassi has been called out in the past for making racially insensitive comments. She was given a pass for “ignorance” but when things kept popping up, she got checked. Bravo couldn’t save face and save the cast, so they cut ties with Stassi and Kristen Doute for their part in filing a false police report against Faith Stowers. In the same podcast where Stassi and Kristen laughed about calling the cops on Faith, Stassi shared another little tidbit.

During Faith’s tenure on the show, it seemed her only friend was Lala Kent. Faith and Lala paraded around Lisa Vanderpump’s pool. Faith and Lala shared topless moments on a vacation to Hawaii. And according to Stassi, Lala pulled a knife on Faith. What’s more, this ALLEGEDLY occurred when cameras were filming. The incident never aired, but it might explain why Lala hopped on the apology bus. The question is, does it shine a light on Bravo’s proclivity to protect certain “stars”?

So we know Jax Taylor is a thief and a cheater. These are not “feelings”, these are facts. We know Kristen isn’t always capable of rational thought, after some of her documented disturbing antics. And we know the bullying tactics used by Stassi, Katie Maloney, and Kristen have been major plotlines for this show. Yep, they are all getting paid very well to act like assholes. Lala entered the scene and was hated by everyone. The same girls she calls friends now were calling her a whore and basically alluding to the fact that she was a hooker two years ago. Man, private jets change everything, don’t they?

Before Lala became the spokesperson for BJs for PJs, LLC, the only person that gave her the time of day was Faith. When Jax lied to Lala’s face in Hawaii about hitting on her, there was Faith. When Brittany Cartwright dismissed Lala as a try-hard who wouldn’t leave her man alone, there was Faith. Now we are finding out that Faith and Lala might have had a violent moment.


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The now-deleted podcast where Stassi gleefully spoke about trying to have Faith arrested, she casually dropped another nugget of info. In between making fun of Faith’s hair, and social media posts, someone also referred to Faith as, “Jubilee”. I’ll leave this right here: “The Jubilee (Hebrew: יובל yovel) year (every 50th year) and the Sabbatical year (every seventh year) are Biblical commandments concerning ownership of land and slaves.”

Stassi also shared, “OH, Lala pulled a knife out on [Faith], on camera this season except they didn’t air that.” I’m not sure how many brain cells I lost listening to this clip, but let’s keep funding education in schools…


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Look, would anyone be surprised if this happened? Lauryn from Utah and her tendency to liken herself to Tupac Shakur when honestly Dorit Kemsley has more street cred than she does. But Lala tries with that gangster image and I guess it keeps her sugar daddy fiancé on his toes. EVERYONE knows that only real OGs drink out of a baby bottle. The thing is, for Bravo not to air it was a bit odd. The general consensus is Bravo wanted Lala to have a better edit over Faith, go figure.

Does this incident have anything to do with Lala’s apology to Faith? Did Lala make that move because she thought her job was in jeopardy? Or maybe Lala got a clue that REACHING OUT AND APOLOGIZING to someone you’ve wronged does a lot more good than blanket statements on Instagram. Faith has forgiven her and all is well, until the next story comes out.


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