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Marlo Hampton Slams Porsha Williams And Shamea Morton For Trying To Expose Her Liposuction; Insinuates They Got Info From Doctor’s Office Employee Who Violate HIPAA Law By Sharing Confidential Patient Information

While we knew going into this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta that #strippergate was going to cause a rift between the ladies, we didn’t expect it to ignite a nasty feud between Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton. Hell froze over and Marlo made up with Kenya Moore, who’s on a crusade to expose P and another “mystery” woman (whose name rhymes with Sanya Tam) for sleeping with Bolo. That put Marlo dead in the middle of the years-long Porsha v. Kenya feud, which is a nasty place to be.

Porsha and Marlo have been going back and forth this season. Porsha’s said that Marlo rides on the coattails of NeNe Leakes, brought up her legal issues and accused her of getting liposuction, drinking and taking pills at the same time. To be fair, Marlo has been trying to expose Porsha for sleeping with Bolo, so P is pulling out everything she can to get her name out of the press. But Marlo is keeping Twirl at an arm’s length, so Porsha seems to be taking this friendship a little too seriously.

That feud came to head during the most recent episode, when Porsha and Shamea Morton tried to call out Marlo for lying about getting liposuction. It was a strange attack from the two at Kandi Burruss’s restaurant tasting that seemed like a total ambush. Marlo has said it’s “a new low” for Porsha to be making such accusations toward her, and has taken to social media to tell her side of the story.

“Yeah I got lipo, but they got the timeline all wrong. That’s what happens when you listen to “the streets”. I learned my lesson with that! Please tell their thirsty clout chasing source to try again,” Marlo tweeted. She added that she’s already admitted to getting lipo twice in the past, “please tell me why on earth would I lie about getting it a 3rd time?????”


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Marlo also insinuates that Shamea and Porsha got their information from someone who works at her doctor’s office, which is illegal. She tweeted a screenshot of 10 examples of HIPPA violations with judge emojis attached. To be honest — who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to spread rumors about Marlo and not expect an expert-level clap back. 

She also tweeted in reference to the ambush, “Apologies were made! Why couldn’t they just let it go and move on?” Marlo seems to be referencing her out-of-character blow-up in New Orleans, which she did give a heartfelt apology for.


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Fans were backing up Marlo in this fight. One tweeted, “So now Shamea is trying to find a reason to have a problem with @iheartMarlo because her now ‘bestie’ is having a problem with her. What was the reason for that comment.” Marlo quote-tweeted them, saying “you see it right?” While Shamea does seem to be ride-or-die for Porsha Luther King, she also alleges that Marlo said she wanted to get with her husband on the cast trip. Which, if true, definitely would leave a bad taste in Shamea’s mouth.

For once there’s drama going on that’s not directly involving LaToya Ali, as she’s been carrying the snoozefest of a season, in the words of Marlo. Which will make it even more of a bummer if she really doesn’t show up to the reunion or return to the show after her first season. 


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