Landon Clements Claims Patricia Altschul Unfollowed Her After She Defended Thomas Ravenel

How many times a day do you find yourself wondering whatever became of former Southern Charm star Landon Clements? If your answer is, “zero”, you are 100% in compliance with the rest of the United States population. Landon is gone and pretty much forgotten, but it looks like she’s trying to get someone’s attention.

Like other cast members who were fired left the series, Landon continues to comment publicly on the show. And sometimes it bites her in the ass. When Thomas Ravenel famously went through some serious allegations relating to his children’s nanny, most people doubted Thomas’ claims of innocense. But Landon isn’t most people and she counted herself as one of Thomas’ defenders. Recently Landon claimed after she sided with T-Rav, Patricia Altschul dumped her on Instagram. I guess it’s easier to say you were dumped for defending an outcast than realizing you were possibly dumped for being a bore.

Landon bought a ticket to Suck Up Town and the first stop is Ms. Pat’s house. This woman does not need Landon sniffing around while Michael Kelcourse is in the process of recovering from a stroke, okay? Landon participated on an episode of the Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister podcast and thought telling listeners Ms. Pat ditched her on Insta is relevant. Sure girl, let’s see how that works out for you.

A bit of context, Ms. Pat and T-Rav used to be buddies. Thomas was close with Pat’s son, Whitney Sudler-Smith until Whitney decided being in the wrong place at the wrong time is a thing and most likely Thomas will always be in the wrong place. Then Thomas, a grown ass man, proceeded to publicly insult Ms. Pat. He called her a “whore of a mother“. He subpoenaed Ms. Pat in the custody case with Kathryn Dennis. He also called Whitney’s mom a “lying gold-digging famewhore that Cameran Eubanks aspires to be”. I will tell you this – in the South it’s easier to come back from a murder charge than it is to come back after insulting someone’s mother.


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So maybe when Landon took to the streets in defense of Thomas, Ms. Pat wasn’t feeling it. Showbiz CheatSheet shared the deets. According to Landon, Ms. Pat might not even be aware of this slight. Oh trust me honey, she knows. “I don’t even know if she [Pat] knows that. Because at the time she had this woman run her Instagram who was like obsessed and in love with Thomas. And then he didn’t have those feelings. So I think maybe she unfollowed me?” Awww, NOPE.

Ladies and gents, the next stop is Suck Up Town. “But, maybe Patricia is mad at me,” Landon added. “I don’t know, I haven’t had a chance to talk to her,” she said. I’m gonna go ahead and say you will not have that chance, darling. She continued, “I’ve just always loved her and admire her. And I always will. You know she’s also just such an amazing businesswoman. Like she has her little caftan business. She’s the real driving force behind the whole show. They all think it’s [son] Whitney [Sudler-Smith]. She’s the stage mom. She’s the one who got the ducks in a row.”


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Landon went on to say Ms. Pat is “a mom to all of us” and she’s “sad” about the relationship taking a nose dive. Landon thinks Pat feels “betrayed” because she left the show and hopes to eventually meet with Patricia and “really talk about stuff”. Alex (RIP), give me Things Never On Patricia Altschul’s Radar for $1000, please. Good luck to Landon in scoring that meeting with Pat to work it out, the road to Suck Up Town is long and all the bridges are burned.


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