Kyle Richards Has Been Paying Kim Richards’ Rent Amid Kim’s Financial And Tax Issues

Here we go again. It’s the never-ending cycle of Kyle Richards bailing Kim Richards out of a sticky situation. Viewers won’t see Kim on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this time around, which leaves Kyle without a storyline. It appears neither Kyle or Kathy Hilton will have much to offer by way of interesting content this season, but they are definitely making sure to poke and prod each scene they are in (Heyyyyyy Tomasina…).

Without Kim, Kyle has little to talk about, much to Dorit Kemsley’s chagrin. Because who is Kyle if she isn’t fussing about Kim, her substance abuse issues, and everything she has done to save Kim’s ass. Kim’s is allegedly and hopefully sober right now but financial issues continue to plague her wallet. Kim owes about $90k in taxes and currently lives in an apartment complex in Encino. Once again, it appears Kyle is stepping in to assist and paying Kim’s rent, and once again someone is going to make sure you know about it.

Most people who know Kim through her time on RHOBH only know the addicted Kim. Unstable, unpredictable, and unable to cohesively live without some type of support. Kim’s childhood career made her a star but didn’t teach her much by way of being responsible, managing money, or respecting boundaries. It also lead to an adult life spent turning to substance abuse to possibly numb horrible things she may have experienced at too young of an age.

When Kim and Kyle were introduced to RHOBH, viewers received a largely one-sided view of their relationship. Kim was the one always in trouble and Kyle was the one “stuck” with the responsibility of caring for her. It’s not entirely wrong, but there’s a lot left out. Kim and Kyle’s contentious dynamic was fueled by Kyle’s role of bailing her sister out when she royally screwed up and having it play out on television. Now we find out Kyle is still helping Kim, and this time, it is Kyle’s goddamned house.

According to documents obtained by The Sun, Kyle owns the apartment Kim lives in and pays the rent in full. Kyle purchased the Encino crib in September 2015, right after Kim’s second arrest. Kyle dropped about $520k for the 1600 square foot spot. You’d think someone having their housing funded would not fall into tax debt, but Kim has never been great with her finances. In an effort to further defend Kyle (words I never thought I would write), Kim apparently receives a MONTHLY stipend of $23k in alimony courtesy of her divorce from Gregg Davis, rich oil guy.


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Fun Fact: Aaron Spelling modeled the Carrington family in Dynasty from the Davis family. Kim wasn’t rich, she wasn’t rich rich. She was mega-rich. So yes, it does seem odd Kim remains in financial peril because most of us could live quite well on $23k a month. In 2018 Kim was hit with a bill of $266k because her dog Kingsley wanted to kill everyone but her and she also needed to pay the ghostwriter for her book at some point. Kim currently owes over $90k to the state of California for tax default.

Hopefully Kimbo can get back on track with profits from her memoir and maybe purchase Kyle a nice gift basket or something. Props to Kyle for hanging in there and sticking by her troubled sibling, because she certainly doesn’t have to. Relationships with addicts and recovering addicts is no joke and despite many people’s general dislike for Kyle, this is an incredibly generous gesture. Kyle remains committed to helping her sister and talking about it Mauricio Umansky remains committed to his second wife.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]