Kim Richards Owes $90k In Unpaid Taxes

Join the club, Kim Richards. Now she has something in common with 97% of the people currently featured on Bravo! While that isn’t necessarily anything to be proud of, once again, as least she doesn’t have anything to do with stealing from widows and orphans. And if you think I’m going to refer to widows and orphans repeatedly so no one forgets what others are trying so desperately to hide, you would be 100% CORRECT.

Viewers won’t see Kim on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, but don’t worry, Kyle Richards is required to mention her name whenever the audience begins to find her boring, so basically all the time. Kathy Hilton has taken over as Kyle’s latest storyline sibling, but Kim is still in the news. After discovering her shelved tell-all book was going to print, things were looking up for Kimbo until more tax woes reared their ugly head. Step aside Kyle because houses aren’t involved, the government is trying to make Kim pay her goddamned taxes.

Kim had her fair share of troubles and most were arguably family-related. You don’t come from someone called Big Kathy and not expect an actual novel of suspicious things happening that people refuse to speak of. Instead of discussing the sacrifices Kim made for relatives and basically giving up her childhood so Kyle could take credit for everyone’s success, Kim’s substance abuse issues and mental health were splashed all over television and the media in the name of content for others to ridicule.

Kim has also experienced legal issues, much like the rest of the RHOBH cast. In 2015, she was arrested for shoplifting and may or may not have committed battery of a police officer at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Six years have gone by since those rogue days and Kim mostly has her life under control, but tax issues continue to plague her. According to The Sun, Kim currently owes the State of California’s Franchise Tax Board nearly $100,000.


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Back in 2018, Kimbo owed about $118,758.01 in back taxes after being hit with liens in 2013 and 2014. In 2020 a lien for $20,762 has gone unpaid combined with an outstanding tax lien from 2019 for around $70k. This brings the grand total to over $90k of fees to be collected, or roughly the cost of Crystal Kung Minkoff’s ugly useless purse. Interests and fees will continue to accrue on both of these tax liens for as long as they remain delinquent. Kim has downsized her lifestyle considerably and is currently renting a 2 bedroom apartment in an Encino complex but you don’t hear her complaining or whining about trading in her Lambo for a Range Rover with a 92 grand starting price.

Obviously Kyle or Kathy could do Kim a solid and make this debt disappear without feeling an impact, but I’m sure they would rather teach her a good lesson and hope she learns from her mistakes. Perhaps Kim’s memoir will be a best seller and afford her the luxury of putting these bills in her rearview. Owing taxes isn’t the greatest thing that could be happening to Kim, but much like some of her former co-workers, she could be suffering from the pretend amnesia that’s so popular in Beverly Hills these days.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]